FPN Giveaway 7.0! GITD Zamasu & Ocelot Winners Announced!

Winners have now been announced for our latest fun giveaway! Who is taking home the prizes today?

I want to congratulate both Eduardo D and Arturo L for winning this giveaway! Eduardo will be receiving the GITD Zamasu and Arturo will be getting the Ocelot POP. I will be contacting both of them soon for their details, i hope you are both happy with your win!

Thanks to everyone who entered and make this community and the Funko community as a whole, a great one. More prizes will of course be on the way! So there’s always another chance to win for anyone who didn’t, feel free to leave any comments or suggestions about the giveaways! I am trying to do them once a week now, as time and our budget allows. If you feel they should be more (or less) often, different prizes or anything else let me know! The next giveaway will be hitting soon. Have a good Sunday!

FPN Giveaway 6.0! GITD Zamasu & Ocelot Winners Announced!

Giveaway! Win an Exclusive (Walmart) GITD Zamasu Funko POP! Or Ocelot!

One thought on “FPN Giveaway 7.0! GITD Zamasu & Ocelot Winners Announced!

  1. You misspelled my name. It’s Antonio, not Eduardo or Arturo…. lol jk

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