Funko Reveals! The Social Media Freddy POP!

Do you consider yourself a social media expert? Well this POP might be just for you!

This new POP revealed by Funko is not being sold anywhere as far as Funko says, the only way you can win this guy is through various social media events. I’m assuming this mainly means Facebook and Twitter giveaways, but i’m sure they will reveal plenty more ways to win him in future. It seems this guy is one of the rarest POPs around .. for now that is. Are you interested in this little guy?

Funko Originals – Social Media Freddy Funko #SM (FunKast Exclusive)

Social Media Freddy Funko POP

Official line from Funko

We revealed the Social Media Freddy Funko Pop! during the live Funko Funkast recording at Emerald City Comic Con 2018!

This Pop! is only available as a prize through social media giveaways and from the Funko Funkast team at conventions and Funko events!

Stay tuned to our social media channels to learn about ways you can enter to win this Pop!

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