Hot Topic March Exclusives! HT Nerdette YouTube Previews!

Here Nerdette reveals all of the exclusives they will be releasing this month!

Looks like March will be another fun month, some fun ones here! Though truth be told i already have their exclusive Vision, definitely a must have. With lines like Marvel, the exclusives are always the better ones. Which item are you most looking forward to? She also revealed Stanley from the FNAF book will be coming this month too, a freaky unicorn on wheels naturally fun for all.

On top of those you can look forward to Sombra (semi translucent), Diamond Maleficent and Hades! Who comes with an awesome Chase, he’s going to be hard to get .. but i must have him. On the other side of things there are Mystery Minis to be on the lookout for.. and .. drive you crazy which is natural for a Mystery Mini. There are exclusives for the FNAF Twisted Ones, Nickelodeon and Infinity Wars sets! So get your wallets at the ready.

Sleeping Beauty – Diamond Maleficent

hot topic march exclusives

Hercules – GITD Hades

Hercules – GITD Chase Hades (Angry)

Overwatch – Translucent Sombra

Read more to see more and the full video!

Infinity War – Floating Vision

FNAF: The Twisted Ones – Stanley

Hot Topic March 2018 Preview

This month HT Nerdette shows off their exclusive Vision, Stanley, Diamond Maleficent, Hades with Chase and Translucent Sombra POPs!

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