ThinkGeek X FPN Giveaway! Black Panther Winners Announced!

The winners for our latest giveaway are here! Who won one of these awesome POPs?

Thanks to ThinkGeek for teaming up with us to offer our readers a chance at winning some great figures, i want to congratulate Salina K, Antonio M and Evan A for winning! Each of you will receive one of these POPs, which one you may ask? Well that will be a surprise for once they reach you. Hope you enjoy them!

There’s always more chances to win here at FPN, so don’t be down-heartened if you didn’t win this time! Thanks to everyone who entered, you all make the community what it is. To give you guys more chances of winning i will be adding a participation prize, so whether you win or not the person with the highest amount of entries across each month will also win a prize! Hope everyone has a great weekend, take care!

ThinkGeek X FPN Giveaway Black Panther Winners Announced

ThinkGeek X FPN Black Panther Giveaway!

3 thoughts on “ThinkGeek X FPN Giveaway! Black Panther Winners Announced!

  1. Misspelled my name. It’s Antonio M lol

    1. Hey Tone, sorry about that, i just update it!

  2. Lol it’s cool and thanks.

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