ECCC 2018! Funko POP News Update!

Here’s some updates for all of you Funko fans getting ready to go on a crazy spending spree for the Spring convention!

It’s finally the day that the majority of items will be released! I know i have been getting a lot of questions about when, what, how and so no. So i will put some useful information here for you guys, but always remember to keep an eye on our main ECCC page right here. (Click me!)


There’s no guarantee on when it will start, but history suggests it will be midnight tonight! (28th Feb EST).

Online: Midnight EST and throughout the night.
Update 1: Funko Shop starting at 1PM EST tomorrow.
Update 2: Hot Topic and Box Lunch starting at 1PM EST tomorrow.
In Store: Opening time 1st March!
Convention: If you won the lottery, it states the time. If not, then 3PM Seattle time.


Online: Any website where an exclusive will be, check our ECCC page for the full list. (Click me!) Target and Walgreens online only!
In Store: Any stores that are having exclusives, see the ECCC page for full info. (Click me!)
Convention: Funko Booth #1914


Online: With great luck and timing! Get all addresses and credit card/paypal info ready and saved before they go live.
In Story: Without sleep! Line up early as possible.
Convention: If you won the lottery you’re good, otherwise hope there’s something left after 3PM.

Click me to go to main ECCC page!

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