Avengers Infinity War Coming Soon! Hot Topic Links Here!

Only days left until the Infinity War POPs and more hit stores! What are you most looking forward to? For those who love to shop at Hot Topic i’ve compiled a list of the upcoming links for their products. Here you will find links to all the Dorbz, POPs and Mystery Minis that will be released on the 3rd! Including the HT Exclusive Vision POP.

Iron Spider Dorbz ~ Click me!
Thor Dorbz Dorbz ~ Click me!
Cull Obsidian Dorbz ~ Click me!
Thanos Dorbz ~ Click me!
Corvus Glaive Dorbz ~ Click me!
Ebony Maw Dorbz ~ Click me!
Proxima Midnight Dorbz ~ Click me!
Iron Man Dorbz ~ Click me!

Iron Man POP ~ Click me!
Thor POP ~ Click me!
Iron Spider POP ~ Click me!
Captain America POP ~ Click me!
Thanos POP ~ Click me!
Hulkbuster POP ~ Click me!
Corvus Glaive POP ~ Click me!
Ebony Maw POP ~ Click me!
Proxima Midnight POP ~ Click me!
Groot POP ~ Click me!
Floating Vision POP (HT Exclusive) ~ Click me!

Mystery Minis (HT Exclusive) ~ Click me!

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  1. Vision exclusive…down 🙂

  2. Abraham Rodriguez

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