VonMerch Means Your Hunt for Funko Just Leveled Up!

VonMerch is a new search tool that has hit the market recently, they have teamed up with Funko POP News to see what you all think! What’s it all about? Well i’ll let them tell you below so read on!

VonMerch Hunt Funko

We’ve all been there. You’re dying to get that chase, exclusive, or limited edition POP. Hours later, you’ve scoured Google, eBay, Amazon, that weird site that has it in-stock but you don’t trust whatsoever – you’re close to giving up! No fear, Funko family: there is a tool that can help.

VonMerch does the dirty work for you, bringing together Funko, collectibles, and merch from top geek retailers (movies, TV, gaming, anime, you name it). So what does this all mean? It basically means VonMerch is a Funko search wizard, and your hunt for Funko just leveled up.

Let’s do a search for Funko POPs together so you can see how freaking awesome the tools are.

First, let’s start by filtering our search by Fandom or Category if we already have an idea of the POP or Funko we are looking for:

If we’re looking for that rare variant, there’s this clutch filter:

Also, we’re betting you want a killer deal, so we can select to focus our search on POPs that are on Sale:

Last but not least, there’s Availability and Stores, so we can order/pre-order from a retailer with stock, or from our favorite store.

Can we make the search better for you, FPN fans? Let us know!

VonMerch also has expert voices to guide us through the slew of products on their site. Their Featured section is top-notch, with articles like “The Best of Funko for Stars Wars” or “Stranger Things Gift Ideas.”

What POPs are you hunting today? Start your hunt at VonMerch!

2 thoughts on “VonMerch Means Your Hunt for Funko Just Leveled Up!

  1. How would one search for the “Rock Candy” Funkos?

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