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From Star Wars, Win a Red Stormtrooper Funko POP! FPN Giveaway 6.0!

Come on by for another prize with the FPN Giveaway part 6.0! Who do we have this time?

Well lucky for you we have two POPs up for giveaway this time! So you have twice the chance of winning, whoever wins will be the lucky recipient of the awesome red card exclusive the Red Stormtrooper! And for whoever comes second you will receive the little known Mr. Meeseeks from Rick & Morty. Well in theory that is, if the winner really wants Mr. Meeseeks i can always swap them around, winners choice of course. For next week i’m “hoping” to get my hands on a GITD Zamasu from Walmart to give away, a lot of you have been wanting him so if i can grab one i’ll be putting him up next time.

Lastly the winner of last weeks Flocked Bugs Bunny never got back to me, i tried them on Facebook and Twitter too! So if no reply happens by tomorrow i will be re-drawing that one. So to everyone good luck on both counts! Have a great rest of your weekend.

From Star Wars, Win a Red Stormtrooper Funko POP! FPN Giveaway 6.0!

Giveaway! Win an Exclusive (Target) Red Stormtrooper Funko POP! or Meeseeks!

9 thoughts on “From Star Wars, Win a Red Stormtrooper Funko POP! FPN Giveaway 6.0!

  1. Not a particularly huge Star Wars or Stormtrooper fan, but I do think that red one looks pretty cool. Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. Welcome! Yes he’s pretty cool which is why i chose him and if you win you could choose the Meeseeks! Though you may already have him if you’re a Rick and Morty fan ~

  2. Nice, another giveaway. Thats awesome of you to give your Pops away

    1. Hey Shannon, welcome! Just giving back what i can to the awesome community! Good luck!

  3. One that I don’t have yet so thanks for the chance at a free one.

    1. Hey Jesse, you’re welcome! Good luck!

  4. Cool! Good luck to all.

  5. Good luck everyone ! 🙂 and I think these giveaways are always so much fun to participate even though I’ve never won one but I love them so thank you for doing them !

  6. Good luck 🙂

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