Walmart Exclusive GITD Zamasu Funko POP! Out Now!

Walmart Exclusive GITD Zamasu Funko POP

Well this guy is certainly a popular one isn’t he? If you want this one you’re going to have to be fairly persistent (use a page monitor perhaps),  i’ve seen him come back in stock several times throughout today. For those who haven’t experienced that before, it’s fairly common with all Walmart released for a while now. They come in and out of stock constantly for a week or so, after that he will either stay in stock or .. he will be gone, could be either! So good luck! Also i will be giving away one of these in the future as well!

Dragon Ball Super – GITD Zamasu #316 (Walmart Exclusive) $8.78 – Click me to buy!

Walmart Exclusive GITD Zamasu Funko POP

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    1. Was in stock for me just now, make sure to read the article.

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