New Target Exclusive 10″ Funko Super Size POPs! First Look!

New Target Exclusive 10″ Funko Super Size POPs

Here’s a first look at two of the new 10″ “Super Sized POPs” coming to Target in the not too distant future, what do you think of these? Hopefully i will actually see these in store this time, they are usually pretty limited .. not in small part due to their size.

Avengers: Infinity War – 10″ Thanos #308 (Target Exclusive)

Star Wars – 10″ Porg #198 (Target Exclusive)

Target – 10″ Thanos DPCI ~ 323-01-1487
Target – 10″ Porg DPCI ~ 323-01-1486

13 thoughts on “New Target Exclusive 10″ Funko Super Size POPs! First Look!

  1. It’s limited cause of the employees that hide them and keep them for resale. Still mad about the Holo-Qui-Gon Jin and the employee that told us they weren’t in stock yet on there database, it showed they sold one 3 Days before… wtf?

    1. Well the size is the first limit, you can’t ship as many when the item is 6 times as big. But also employees will sometimes not even put them on the shelves and buy them or hold for friends or someone who pays them, and the third one is those who stalk the employees and wait outside stores at opening time and harass them to go into the back. So those 3 things can make it tricky to get these ~

      1. Are they only available online?

        1. That’s what they’ve said, but you may see them in stores ~ some seem to sneak in

  2. How do I order this online? I cannot find it to get it. Target stores are out of stock.

    1. Hiya, it’s not out yet ~ 22nd of April

      1. What exact date is Thanos 10″ and Porg 10″ releasing and are they gonna be released online and if so, what time? And by any chance can they be preordered?

        1. Hey Lrak, no pre-orders but it goes live (official date) 22nd of April ~

  3. Sigghhh So much anticipation

  4. How much will this funko pop cost?

    1. $30 each i think ~

  5. Target usually releases exclusive Pop at 2:00 a.m. central time. Why I do not know. I’m getting done with work about this time and have never had a problem ordering any of the exclusives that ive wanted. I do know the last 10 inch that came out was the Hulk from Ragnarok and it was at my local Target. Sold out within a few hours and a few had either damaged boxes or broken hammers. Good luck I hope this helps….

    1. Thanks for the update Kevin, yes a lot of trouble with Target exclusives! Hopefully we are in luck when April 22nd comes around ~

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