Yellow & Green Cthulhu Funko Hikari XS 2 Pack! Out Now!

Funko continues it’s onslaught of Hikari XS with this new Yellow & Green Cthulhu 2 Pack!

I’m sure in a similar vein to the other Hikari XS we will probably see more colors coming out of this set, what colors would you hope for? Or are you even interested in the Hikari XS line hm .. i wonder, i know i prefer them to the bigger Hikaris and i’m guessing the fact that they’re all limited helps them sell faster. People love their limited items!

Books – Yellow & Green Cthulhu 2 Pack (LE 2,500) $19.99 – Click me to buy!

Yellow & Green Cthulhu Funko Hikari XS 2 Pack

Official line from Funko

Time for Hikari Friday… On a Wednesday!

The cosmic entity Cthulhu joins Hikari XS!

Limited to 2,500 pieces, this sparkling green and yellow Cthulhu is the perfect addition to your horror collection!

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