From Looney Tunes, Win a Flocked Bugs Bunny Funko POP! FPN Giveaway 5.0!

Come around for another giveaway, it’s only been a year since the last one! Win a Flocked Bugs Bunny Funko POP!

Yes it’s been too long since the last giveaway, i have so many things to give away to you guys still! If only i can find the time, but i have been hearing murmurs from readers annoyed that they couldn’t get their hands on this POP. So i thought this was the perfect one to put up for a giveaway! I managed to get my hands on two, so luckily i have one going spare. Good luck to anyone who enters!

Giveaway! Win an Exclusive (Target) Flocked Bugs Bunny Funko POP!

22 thoughts on “From Looney Tunes, Win a Flocked Bugs Bunny Funko POP! FPN Giveaway 5.0!

  1. I really hope I can win this because I need to wake uo at 3 am on a school day to try and even come close to getting this…….

  2. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. I like seeing pop exclusives in giveaways! They’re very hard to get a hold of. Pop protectors really don’t matter to me because I keep my pops on a shelf.

  4. I jus started collecting and would really like this. I missed it when it was available.

  5. Thank you for the contest!

  6. Awesome! I fell asleep waiting to buy one 😞…

  7. That is so cool of you! I was on at 12:02, Bugs hadn’t posted, so I read an article, saw your tweet at 12:05, and clicked back on, fought to put Bugs in my cart for 10 minutes until it said out of stock. 🙁

    1. Hi Matt, sorry to hear that! Must be annoying, people do love these they should have set the limit to 1 or 2 per person ~

  8. I would love to see some Dragonball Z POPs in a future giveaway!

  9. Very cool…and fuzzy.

  10. I already had the original on order but I am a huge Looney Tunes fan and I would love to have this flocked version. You’re too generous with these giveaways but any pops I would love to see in the future. I guess pop protectors would be cool too since I really don’t like paying for those.

  11. Entered this awesome giveaway. Hope I’m lucky and win it 🌟😇

  12. I remember entering to the very first one a year ago. Hoping I can win this one 🙂

  13. This is so awesome that you are sharing the wealth. I wanted this guy so bad and missed him

  14. I missed out on him too, but got the Kylo Ren box so I can’t complain. I looked on eBay to see how much the flippers were charging and a good amount were damaged boxes. Serves ’em right!!

  15. Omg this is the cutest! How did I not know of this pop

  16. Awesome Pop!, flocked just as Bugs should be! I personally prefer Pop! protectors because random events have knocked Pop!s off their shelf and a fling of wet hair just out of shower can ruin a grail box.

  17. I’d like to see more giveaways like this!

  18. Great giveaway. Thanks!

  19. I love giveaways like this one! Thanks so much for the chance. The protectors are awesome too!

  20. I’m going broke with all these Funko pops that are being release left and right 🙁

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