Emerald City Comic Con 2018! Funko’s DC Reveal!

Get shiny with the next Emerald City Comic Con 2018 reveal, Funko brings us some favorites from DC!

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DC Bombshells – Poison Ivy (ECCC 2018 / FYE Exclusive) $15.00

Emerald City Comic Con 2018 Funko DC Reveal

DC Heroes – Chrome Green Batman #144 (ECCC 2018 / ? Exclusive LE 1,500) $15.00

DC Heroes – Krypto the Superdog & Ace the Bathound 2 Pack (ECCC 2018 / ? Exclusive LE 2,000) $20.00

ECCC 2018 (Click me for main page!)

Official line from Funko

Our DC lineup for Emerald City Comic Con includes a Bombshell, a pair of heroic pups, and a shiny Caped Crusader!

2 thoughts on “Emerald City Comic Con 2018! Funko’s DC Reveal!

  1. You still have the Poison Ivy listed in two places on the general ECCC page as a 2,000 LE, but Funko did not say it was a limited number.

    1. Hey Heather, thanks for reminding me ~ haven’t updated the numbers yet!

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