London Toy Fair 2018! Destiny Series 2 Funko POPs Coming May!

Become a legend with the upcoming Destiny Series 2 Funko POPs in part 11 of our London Toy Fair previews!

Take possession of your favorite Destiny character in this new line up, whether they are Guardian or enemy they are ready for the taking. I hope you’re a fan of Cayde-6 because there are two more POPs oh him in this series, making the total count up to 3 so far. Seems he is a popular character, though i know a few have been excited about Hawthorne too.. it’s cute that he comes with his buddy Louis! These along with the exclusives should be hitting stores around mid Spring so keep an eye out, who are you most looking forward to? Glam shots and info coming up!

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Destiny 2 – Amanda Holliday #? – $Retail

Destiny Series 2 Funko POPs

Destiny 2 – Osiris #? – $Retail

Destiny 2 – Hawthorne & Louis #? – $Retail

Destiny 2 – Dominus Ghaul #? – $Retail

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Destiny 2 – Emperor Claus #? (GameStop Exclusive) $11.99

Destiny 2 – Golden Cayde-6 #? (GameStop Exclusive) $11.99

Destiny 2 – Dark Forest Ikora #? (Best Buy Exclusive) $9.99

Destiny 2 – Cayde-6 with Chicken #? (Amazon Exclusive) $10.99

Destiny 2 – Golden Osiris #? (Bungie Exclusive) $?

Official line from Funko

Check out the newest wave of Destiny Pop! This series features Dominus Ghaul, Suraya Hawthorne featured with Hawk, Amanda Holliday and the old Warlock Osiris.

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  1. You have he wrong picture for the Osiris figure.

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