London Toy Fair 2018! Miraculous Funko POPs Coming March!

Get ready to de-evilize with part 10 of the London Toy Fair Previews with the exciting Miraculous Funko POPs!

Ready to take on Hawk Moth and his army of Super-villains? Well if so you may just want these two on your side. This French animated tv show has gained a fair bit of popularity over here in the USA, i know every time i’m in a toy store i certainly always see Ladybug everywhere. I haven’t seen the show yet, though i may have to try it out .. it may be a kids show but i’m sure it could be fun. Well my wife watches a lot of kids shows so i’m sure she’ll like it! Never know unless you try it, regardless the POPs themselves are pretty cute i always like when they include something extra with the pop like a little friend for them. Glam shots and info coming up!

Note: Pre orders are available right here, click me!

Miraculous Ladybug – Ladybug & Tikki #? – $Retail

Miraculous Funko POPs

Miraculous Ladybug – Cat Noir & Plagg #? – $Retail

Miraculous Ladybug – Hawkmoth #? – $Retail

Official line from Funko

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir joins the Funko family in Pop!

You cat to be kitten me, Cat Noir with Plagg, Ladybug with Tikki and Hawk Moth Pop!s are available this year!

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