Marvel Avengers Infinity War Funko POPs! First Look!

Some shots have found their way into the wild, come check out the Avengers: Infinity War Funko POPs!

A couple of figures from the upcoming Avengers Infinity War have been revealed, they have pretty strict release dates over in USA but other places not so much. The leak itself originates in Vietnam which is quite a common place to see POPs early! Due to the more open nature of the market there aren’t 100’s of exclusives to various stores over there, all the figures are pretty much widely available. I guess before you see the images there may be some spoilers involved so only look if you don’t mind a little of that! For instance, various characters and character names that were previously unknown, character outfits, Thor regaining his missing eye perhaps? Shots and info coming up!

Update: Added Iron Man preview.

Update 2: Almost the full lineup has now been revealed! All except for Corvus Glaive.

Update 3: Added un-masked Iron Spider, Box Lunch exclusive.

Back of Thor’s box showing the characters ..

  1. Iron Man #285
  2. Thor #286
  3. Iron Spider #287
  4. Captain America #288
  5. Thanos #289
  6. Corvus Glaive #290
  7. Ebony Maw #291
  8. Proxima Midnight #292
  9. Groot #293
  10. 6″ Hulkbuster #294

Avengers Infinity War Funko POPs

First look at the new Iron Man POP

First look at Thor and the mystery of the missing eye

First look at Thanos

Read more to see more!

First look at the awesome 6″ Hulkbuster


Iron Spider

Unmasked Iron Spider (Exclusive to Box Lunch)


Proxima Midnight

Captain America

Ebony Maw

Pocket POPs Line

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