Day: January 26, 2018

Marvel Avengers Infinity War Funko POPs! First Look!

Some shots have found their way into the wild, come check out the Avengers: Infinity War Funko POPs!

A couple of figures from the upcoming Avengers Infinity War have been revealed, they have pretty strict release dates over in USA but other places not so much. The leak itself originates in Vietnam which is quite a common place to see POPs early! Due to the more open nature of the market there aren’t 100’s of exclusives to various stores over there, all the figures are pretty much widely available. I guess before you see the images there may be some spoilers involved so only look if you don’t mind a little of that! For instance, various characters and character names that were previously unknown, character outfits, Thor regaining his missing eye perhaps? Shots and info coming up!

Update: Added Iron Man preview.

Update 2: Almost the full lineup has now been revealed! All except for Corvus Glaive.

Update 3: Added un-masked Iron Spider, Box Lunch exclusive.

Back of Thor’s box showing the characters ..

  1. Iron Man #285
  2. Thor #286
  3. Iron Spider #287
  4. Captain America #288
  5. Thanos #289
  6. Corvus Glaive #290
  7. Ebony Maw #291
  8. Proxima Midnight #292
  9. Groot #293
  10. 6″ Hulkbuster #294

Avengers Infinity War Funko POPs

First look at the new Iron Man POP

First look at Thor and the mystery of the missing eye

First look at Thanos

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London Toy Fair 2018! Miraculous Funko POPs Coming March!

Get ready to de-evilize with part 10 of the London Toy Fair Previews with the exciting Miraculous Funko POPs!

Ready to take on Hawk Moth and his army of Super-villains? Well if so you may just want these two on your side. This French animated tv show has gained a fair bit of popularity over here in the USA, i know every time i’m in a toy store i certainly always see Ladybug everywhere. I haven’t seen the show yet, though i may have to try it out .. it may be a kids show but i’m sure it could be fun. Well my wife watches a lot of kids shows so i’m sure she’ll like it! Never know unless you try it, regardless the POPs themselves are pretty cute i always like when they include something extra with the pop like a little friend for them. Glam shots and info coming up!

Note: Pre orders are available right here, click me!

Miraculous Ladybug – Ladybug & Tikki #? – $Retail

Miraculous Funko POPs

Miraculous Ladybug – Cat Noir & Plagg #? – $Retail

Miraculous Ladybug – Hawkmoth #? – $Retail


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Target Exclusive Wonder Woman Funko Rock Candy! Out Now!

Target Exclusive Wonder Woman Funko Rock Candy


DC Bombshells – Black & White Wonder Woman (Target Exclusive) $9.99 – Click me to buy!

Target Exclusive Wonder Woman Funko Rock Candy

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London Toy Fair 2018! Sailor Moon Funko Mystery Minis Coming April!

In part 9 of our London Toy Fair previews we see a fun new line for the pretty soldiers, Sailor Moon Funko Mystery Minis!

Next from the Toy Fair we have finally get to see your favorite Sailor Moon characters in mini form! Definitely a good sign for all you Sailor fans out there, considering they did a second series of POPs and now Mystery Minis it means they are selling well. And if they are selling well .. that means we’ll get to see plenty more of them in the future! I’m sure you saw the Hot Topic 3 Pack, and the Box Lunch Super Sailor. I’m going to predict later this year we’ll see POPs of a lot of the minor characters, along with glitter/metallic or some other variants of the Sailors. Glam shots and info coming up!

Note: Pre orders are available right now, click me!

Sailor Moon – Basic Mystery Mini Lineup

Sailor Moon Funko Mystery Minis

Sailor Moon – GameStop Exclusive Mystery Minis (Posed Sailor Venus, Sailor Pluto w/ Staff & Mistress 9)

Sailor Moon – Hot Topic Exclusive Mystery Minis (Super Sailor Moon, Posed Sailor Chibi & Diana)


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London Toy Fair 2018! Halo Funko POPs Coming May!

Hello part 8 of the London Toy Fair previews, today bringing you brand new Halo Funko POPs!

What’s this you say, new Halo POPs? I must be dreaming .. well no you’re not dreaming, they are actually releasing new Halo POPs finally! It has certainly been a long time coming, the original Halo POPs released way back early on in the life of POP figures. And yes as you would guess, figures that are that popular and released way back then are of course very expensive and hard to come by. It’s a common problem with a lot of the older Funko products, they were no where near as popular so as a result the production runs were a lot smaller. But luckily as we can see below a lot of the older lines are getting revitalized, and you Halo fans out there can finally get your hands on an array of awesome Halo Funko POPs! Glam shots and info coming up!

P.S. Yes the difference between the Sgt Johnson Regular and Chase POP is amusing.

Note: Pre orders are available right here, click me!

Halo – Master Chief with Cortana #? – $Retail

Halo Funko POPs

Halo – Buck from ODST #? – $Retail

Halo – Sergeant Johnson #? – $Retail

Halo – Sergeant Johnson with Cigar [Chase] #? – $Retail 1 in 6

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FYE Exclusive Metallic Trapjaw Funko POP! Pre Order Now!

Come and feast your eyes on the FYE Exclusive Metallic Trapjaw Funko POP! Pre orders are now available for this FYE Exclusive edition of Trapjaw from the classic show Masters of the Universe, this version not only has a different color scheme to the original (including fancy underwear) but it has a metallic element to certain […]

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