London Toy Fair 2018! Cuphead Funko Mystery Minis Coming May!

Here’s London Toy Fair preview part 6 coming your way with the Cuphead Funko Mystery Minis!

Set to release sometime this year, but i’m going to place my bets on May for this one. The game that took several years to complete, but luckily this one wasn’t doomed to be abandon-ware and it actually came out! Not only that, but to quite some fanfare as it gained success with critics and players alike, not exactly the same treatment as other long time coming franchises .. thinking about Duke Nukem.

All seem to be getting a regular release of 12 per case, so that would be 1 in 12 chance per figure. Unless we get something like the dreaded 1 in 6 chance, but we won’t talk about those black sheep. Alongside that we will be seeing exclusives featured at both GameStop and Hot Topic, the usual suspects you could say. As for favorites well hm .. probably Hilda Berg (The Moon) and Cala Maria (The Memaid), what about you? Regardless, glam shots and info coming up!

Note: Pre orders are available right here, click me!

Cuphead – Cuphead Mystery Minis $Retail 1 in 12

Cuphead Funko Mystery Minis

Cuphead – Cuphead Mystery Minis (GameStop Exclusive) $6.99 1 in 12

Cuphead – Cuphead Mystery Minis (Hot Topic Exclusive) $8.90 1 in 12

Official line from Funko

It’s on! Cuphead is joining the Mystery Minis line!

A brawl is surely brewing and Cuphead and Mugman are up against some of the best bad guys in the business including, Baroness Von Bob Bon, Cagney Carnation, Hilda Berg, Djimmi The Great and more!

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