London Toy Fair 2018! Garbage Pail Kids Funko POPs Coming May!

Welcome to part 3 of the London Toy Fair previews, this time we check out the Garbage Pail Kids Funko POPs!

Ready to head back in time where a franchise of gruesome kids was extremely popular? Well look no further than the Garbage Pail Kids, a collectible trading card game that started back in 1985. I know i certainly collected these when i was young, unlike buying ridiculous amounts of Funko figures like nowadays; back then as kids you didn’t exactly have the money to buy much of, let alone complete a collection! Certainly made it all the more fun in some ways.

This is the second time Funko has made it’s way into this territory, previously they have released a couple of vinyl figures and 2 series of Mystery Minis sets for them. But now you get to enjoy them in full POP form! We currently have four to choose from, but i have no doubt there will be more. What are your thoughts? I wonder. Glam shots and info coming up!

Note: Pre orders are available, click me!

Garbage Pail Kids – Clark Can’t # – $Retail

Garbage Pail Kids Funko POPs

Garbage Pail Kids – Beastly Boyd # – $Retail

Garbage Pail Kids – Ghastly Ashley # – $Retail

Garbage Pail Kids – Adam Bomb # – $Retail

Garbage Pail Kids – GITD Adam Bomb [Chase] # – $Retail 1 in 6

Official line from Funko

GPK makes its Pop! debut with fan favorites like Clark Can’t, Beastly Boyd, Ghastly Ashley, and Adam Bomb!

3 thoughts on “London Toy Fair 2018! Garbage Pail Kids Funko POPs Coming May!

  1. Mystery Minis set series 3 Please!!!

  2. Will there be a mystery minis series 3?

    1. Anythings possible! Just got to wait for the word from Funko ~

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