London Toy Fair 2018! FNAF Twisted Ones Funko Mystery Minis Coming March!

Part 4 of our London Toy Fair previews features the FNAF Twisted Ones Funko Mystery Minis!

From the book of the same name this Twisted Ones series features a whole host of never before seen figures, and yes that’s right it’s from a book! Not a game this time. It seems the FNAF franchise reaches new heights ever year, will it ever end? I wonder .. as always it’s surprisingly popular with children considering it’s not a child’s game. It has various horror themes and somewhat disturbing imagery, as i’m sure you can imaging .. and see from the figures. Also of note is that this line also includes a couple of characters from the Sister Location too, so there’s a few things in there for Sister Location fans. This latest series as always has various store exclusives, this time we see exclusives coming to Hot Topic, GameStop and Walmart! Glam shots and info coming up!

Note: Pre orders are available right here, click me!

Five Nights at Freddys: Twisted Ones & Sister Location Mystery Minis

FNAF Twisted Ones Funko Mystery Minis

Default lineup $Retail – 1 in 12

Walmart exclusives $5.98 – 1 in 12

Hot Topic Exclusives $8.90 – 1 in 12

GameStop Exclusive $6.99 – 1 in 12

Official line from Funko

Five Nights at Freddy’s characters are back with new Mystery Minis and Pop!

The newest series of Mystery Minis includes characters from various versions of the franchise, featuring twisted versions of the horrifying animatronic puppets Chica, Freddy, Bonnie, Foxy and Wolf. Look for Little Joe, Magician, Ennard and many more!

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