London Toy Fair 2018! Care Bear Funko POPs Coming March!

Get some sunshine in your life with these upcoming Care Bear Funko POPs!

Will you be the luckiest bear in Care-A-Lot? Well you may need some of these bears to accomplish that. These classically designed Care Bears come from the original 1985 movie of the same name, and will almost certainly be known and loved.. maybe liked? A little? By quite a few of those reading this! Were Care Bears part of your childhood? I wonder. They were certainly part of my wife’s, she loves them so i may have to get these myself, we shall see! Aside from Chases abound, there are 3 exclusives joining the list and i wouldn’t be surprised if there were more to come. From what i see there is Glitter, Glow and Flocked and i would be surprised if Funko doesn’t try and hit every Character with all 3 treatments. Glam shots and info coming up!

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Care Bears – Grumpy Bear #353 – $Retail

Care Bear Funko POPs

Care Bears – Flocked Grumpy Bear #353 (Toys R Us Exclusive) $9.99

Care Bears – Love-A-Lot Bear #354 – $Retail

Care Bears – Glitter Love-A-Lot Bear #354 (Entertainment Earth Exclusive) $13.99 – Click me to buy!

Care Bears – Cheer Bear #351 – $Retail

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Care Bears – GITD Cheer Bear [Chase] #351 – $Retail 1 in 6

Care Bears – Good Luck Bear #355 – $Retail

Care Bears – Glitter Good Luck Bear [Chase] #355 – $Retail 1 in 6

Care Bears – Funshine Bear #356 – $Retail

Care Bears – GITD Funshine Bear [Chase] #356 – $Retail 1 in 6

Care Bears – Tenderheart Bear #352 – $Retail

Care Bears – Bedtime Bear #357 (Funko Shop Exclusive) $15.00

Official line from Funko

Funko is headed to Care-A-Lot with seven of the original Care Bears!

Spread good luck with Good Luck Bear, happiness with Cheer Bear,
and love with Love-a-Lot Bear!

Express your feelings with Tenderheart Bear, get a little cynical with Grumpy Bear,
be silly with Funshine Bear, and get a good night’s rest with Bedtime Bear!

Good Luck Bear has a glitter chase! Cheer Bear, and Funshine Bear
will each have glow-in-the-dark chase variants to look for too!

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