Sneak Peek Time! What Does Our January 2018 Preview Have?

Come along to the January 2018 Funko Sneak Peek!

As a sort of semi follow up to our previews article (Click here to see!) where we provided a long list of POPs you will be seeing this year, we already have more to share with you! It seems January is certainly packed full of Funko news. We haven’t even got to the Toy Fair yet, which i’m sure you all are very excited for. I can’t wait to see all the new products in person! And who knows what else they will reveal? Regardless, here’s an extra dose of upcoming Funko goodness for you. Who will you be buying?

P.S. This is our second sneak peek article! To see part 1 (Click here!) part 3 (Click here!) part 4 (Click here!) part 5 (Click here!)

Funko Movie Moments

Star Wars Movie Moments: The Last Jedi Duel
Disney Movie Moments: Aladdin – Genie
IT Movie Moments: Pennywise Drain/Gutter

Funko POPs


Predator #1-4
Princess Bride #1-3
~ Princess Buttercup
~ Inigo Montoya
~ Westley /with Chase
Sandlot #1-4
~ Benny
~ Ham
~ Smalls
~ Squints
Moana Series 2 #1-5
~ Moana in Ceremony Outfit
~ Gramma Tala ~ Tamatoa ~ Te Fiti
~ Te Ka
Baby Driver #1-2
~ Baby with/ Chase
~ Bats
Alita Battle Angel #1-3
~ Beserker
~ Doll
~ Motorball
Coming to America #1-2
~ Semmi ~ Prince AkeemJurassic World 2 #1-5
~ Blue
~ Owen
~ Ellie in jeep
Lara Croft #1
Austin Powers #1-4
~ Austin Powers
~ Fembot ~ Vanessa
~ Dr. EvilThe Mask
~ Mask with/Chase
~ Rumba Mask
~ Milo

Read more to see more! List is very long so need to break it up ~

Harry Potter

Harry Potter Series 5 #1-7
~ Harry
~ Ginny with Diary
~ Ron
~ Hermione
~ Gilderoy Lockhart with chase
~ Tom Riddle
~ Nearly Headless Nick


Ant Man & The Wasp #1-7 + 2 Chases

Deadpool 2
~ Cable
~ Colossus
~ Domino
~ Negasonic
~ POP 3 GS Excl
Deadpool Parody / Playtime
~ 70s with/Afro
~ Deadpool with/Scooter (pop ride)
~ Lifeguard with/Floatie
~ Wizard Deadpool Barnes Excl
~ PJ’s with/Butt
~ Reclining
~ Mermaid Deadpool Target excl
~ King Deadpool FYE EXCL
~ Chicken Suit Deadpool TRU Excl
~ Samurai Deadpool GameStop Excl
~ Robe Deadpool
~ Clown Deadpool
~ Keychain 7/11 Excl


Glow #1-2
~ Ruth Wilder
~ Debbie Eagan
Supernatural S4
~ Lucifer
New Girl
Stranger Things
~ Elevated Eleven
~ Halloween Billy
~ Steve with/ Sunglasses
~ Vampire Bob
~ Hopper with/ Vines
~ Bob in scrubbs
~ Steve with Bandanna
~ Bloody Bob
Fresh Prince
~ Will
~ Will v2 (overalls?)
~ Carlton (Yellow sweater)
Green Hornet
~ 1960 Specialty Series Excl


Ouran High School
~ Haruhi
~ Tamaki
~ Kyoya
Rainbow Bright
~ Rainbow Bright & Twink
Scooby Doo
~ Orange Flocked Scooby Doo Box Lunch Exclusive
Hanna Barbera: Jetsons
~ Astro
~ George
~ Rosie


POP MLB: S3- Buster Posey
POP MLB: S3- Chris Sale
POP MLB: S3- Robinson Cano
POP MLB: S3- Max Scherzer
POP MLB: S3- Clayton Kershaw
POP MLB: S3- Wil Myers
POP MLB: S3- Nelson Cruz
POP MLB: S3- Francisco Lindor
POP MLB: S3- Aaron Judge
POP MLB: S3- Yadier Molina
POP MLB: S3- Jose Altuve
POP MLB: S3- Bryce Harper
POP MLB: S3- Noah Snydergaard
POP MLB: S3- Mookie Betts
POP MLB: S3- Giancarlo Stanton
POP MLB: S3- Anthony Rizzo
POP MLB: S3- Mike Trout
POP MLB: S3- Kris Bryant


Pop Vinyl WWE: W7 – Jake the Snake
Pop Vinyl WWE: W7 – Shawn Michaels

POP WWE: WWE – S8 – POP #1-5 + 2 Pack


~ Arbiter
~ Master chief with energy blade
~ Master Chief with Cortana
~ ODST Buck
~ Sgt Johnson with chase with cigar
Games: BATIM Series 3 #1-6
~ Bendy Doll
~ Projectionist
~ Striker
~ Piper
~ Fisher
~ Physical Alice GameStop Excl
Games: DOTA 2
~ Earthshaker
~ Junkrat / Roadhog Jail 2 pack Blizzard Excl
~ Unmasked White Spider
~  Mr. Negative
~ Miles Morales
~ Mary Jane with Plush
Destiny 2
~ Amanda Holiday
~ Hawthorne with Louis
~ Osiris
~ Dominus Ghaul
Blizzard Orc Wolf Rider Pop Ride


Disney: Doug #1-3
~ Doug Funnie
~ Patty Mayonaise
~ Porkchop with/ Chase

~ Disney 10″ Scrooge McDuck gold coin dive (target exclusive!)
~ Disney Chrome Jack Jack incredibles
~ Pee Wees playhouse
~ Monsters Inc
~ Gargoyles pocket pop stone demona HT Excl
~ brown/sand resistance bb unite excl to target
~ Incredibles 2 HT Exclusive

Funko Dorbz

Marvel Wave 3 Dorbz #1-4
~ Iron Heart
~ #4 GameStop Excl
~ Hellboy
~ Hellboy + Horns
~ Abe Sapien

Funko Rock Candy

Harry Potter #1-4
~ Harry with Prophecy
~ Quidditch Ron
~ Albus Dumbledore
~ Lord Voldermort
Suicide Squad
~ Harley Quinn
Thor: Ragnarok
~ Valkyrie
~ Hela
Rock Candy – Doctor Who

Funko Mystery Minis

Mystery Mini: Sailor Moon Series 1 (Includes GameStop Exclusives)
Mystery Mini: Rick and Morty Wave 2 (Includes GameStop Exclusives)
Five Nights at Freddy’s: Twisted Ones
Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back
Playtime Deadpool (Includes Hot Topic Exclusives)
Harry Potter Series 3 (Includes Hot Topic Exclusives)
Mystery Minis: 90’s Nick S1 Excl

Funko Vynl.

Unknown DC Comics 2 Pack
Star Wars Vynl. on the way
Yogi Bear & Ranger Smith 2 Pack
Hellboy 2 pack
Deadpool & Cable 2 pack
VYNL: Marvel Comics – DP & TV

Funko Pint Size Heroes

Street Fighter: Dessert Guile
Street Fighter: Black Outfit Chun Li


12″ Flounder super cute HT Excl
22″ Stitch BL Excl

11 thoughts on “Sneak Peek Time! What Does Our January 2018 Preview Have?

  1. So excited for the Green Hornet pop! This means the chances of a 1966 Kato could happen too 😮 Only issue now is to actually find a Specialty Series retailer…

    1. Hi Britt, glad you’re excited! That certainly is a possibility ~ check our your local comic shops to see if they get them in. You can also get them from places such as Woozy Moo and Forbidden Planet (UK)

  2. I would like more anime Pops, expecially I’d love to see (and collect) Haikyuu and D.Gray-Man characters.

  3. Any chance you’ll be completing the Rainbow brite and Sandlot lineups? And could we get Jem and the Holograms Funkos someday, pretty please? 🙂

    1. Hi Nicole, i’m pretty sure Gem will be coming! But as for Sandlot and Rainbow Brite it will depend how they sell ~

  4. When does supernatural lucifer come out ?

    1. No word on that yet from Funko ~


    1. Not yet! Soon hopefully ~

  6. When are Pops for Srar Ttek Discovery coming out?

    1. No news on that as of yet !

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