Day: January 21, 2018

Come See the January 2018 Funko Sneak Peek!

Come along to the January 2018 Funko Sneak Peek!

As a sort of semi follow up to our previews article (Click here to see!) where we provided a long list of POPs you will be seeing this year, we already have more to share with you! It seems January is certainly packed full of Funko news. We haven’t even got to the Toy Fair yet, which i’m sure you all are very excited for. I can’t wait to see all the new products in person! And who knows what else they will reveal? Regardless, here’s an extra dose of upcoming Funko goodness for you. Who will you be buying?

Note: Where specific names are unknown or not finalized, the names will be replaced with numbers.

Funko Movie Moments

Star Wars Movie Moments: The Last Jedi Duel
Disney Movie Moments: Aladdin – Genie
IT Movie Moments: Pennywise Drain/Gutter

Funko POPs


Predator #1-4
Princess Bride #1-3
~ Princess Buttercup
~ Inigo Montoya
~ Westley /with Chase
Sandlot #1-4
~ Benny
~ Ham
~ Smalls
~ Squints
Moana Series 2 #1-5
~ Moana in Ceremony Outfit
~ Gramma Tala ~ Tamatoa ~ Te Fiti
~ Te Ka
Baby Driver #1-2
~ Baby with/ Chase
~ Bats
Alita Battle Angel #1-3
~ Beserker
~ Doll
~ Motorball
Coming to America #1-2
~ Semmi ~ Prince AkeemJurassic World 2 #1-5
~ Blue
~ Owen
~ Ellie in jeep
Lara Croft #1
Austin Powers #1-4
~ Austin Powers
~ Fembot ~ Vanessa
~ Dr. EvilThe Mask
~ Mask with/Chase
~ Rumba Mask
~ Milo

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Entertainment Earth Exclusive Jurassic Park Funko POP 2 Pack! Pre Order Now!

Entertainment Earth Exclusive Jurassic Park Funko POP 2 Pack ~ Jurassic Park – Dennis Nedry w/ Goo &¬†Dilophosaurus (Entertainment Earth Exclusive) $24.99 – Click me to buy!¬†  

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