Preview It! January Funko Photos Part 2!

Preview It! January Funko Photos Part 2!

Time for another edition of Preview It! Here you get to see some high resolution real life photos of some upcoming Funko figures. As i’m sure you all know the glam shot differs from the real figure greatly, so what do we have for us today? Some fun ones for sure, glad i finally get to see closeups of the Mad Max POPs! And they certainly look awesome, especially Capable! So cute, and Golden Girl is a must have because we’re drawn to shiny things like a Magpie. So who are you planning on getting?

P.S. Be prepared for many images ~

Mad Max: Fury Road

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Disney’s Emperor’s New Groove


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Rick & Morty

Black Panther

James Bond


Dr. Seuss



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