Time to Get Hot! January 2018 Hot Cash Sale is On!

Hope you haven’t burned it, time to get your wallet out for the January 2018 Hot Cash Sale!

January 2018 Hot Cash Sale

As of today Hot Cash is now accepted in stores! Online Hot Cash sale started a week early.

Do you have any Hot Cash codes?

Yes i do! I will be adding my own codes here randomly, usually one or two per day. If you have any you’re not using, feel free to share!

Note: All codes can be used 3 times, plus if you have more than 1 code they stack on top of each other!

  1. HWA8-H94QV5WSVT (15/30)
  2. HWA4-9T7B7NS9P4 (15/30)
  3. HWA8-2TSHHS3KXT (15/30)
  4. HWB2-SNXLNBBW9P (30/60)
  5. HWA7-PM7RRP95TK (15/30)
  6. HWB4-4BXLQXDF2S (30/60)
  7. HWA3-DTCV6XTKKV (15/30)
  8. HWA2-9F5XN4C93W (15/30)
  9. HWB1-3MB42W92FF (30/60)
  10. HWA1-S9KSK379F3 (15/30)
  11. HWD2-2NK24RGGTB (60/120)
  12. HWA0-W3GPLSDSWM (15/30) [Donated kindly by AceFace!]
  13. HWA1-QR6VWWFD32 (15/30) [Donated kindly by AceFace!]
  14. HSK1-RC2SSKWXR7 (15/30)
  15. HSA8-RM7W5LF5FG (15/30)
  16. HSK0-LPLWR6WW22 (15/30)
  17. HSK2-L7HCQ3W2T2 (15/30)
  18. HSK9-BZQLHBDNLD (15/30)
  19. HSA3-VXZV7PRXLW (15/30)
  21. HSA2-W5Z4QCM3PK
  25. HSK9-7DHL6QRB9D
  27. HSK7-DGPB6X3552
  28. HSA2-RD7KNHXQ46
  31. HSA0-QVW6P423GS
  32. HSA6-7MSMQFQ25B
  36. HWB1-H67HCTFS2W
  37. HSK2-ZGT2322M4F
  38. HSK1-BFKXZF345H
  39. HSA1-53M4GX9CK2
  44. HSA8-6RTNP6TG35
  47. HSK5-W9LSV9XRZ6
  49. HSK5-ZBLZ2SXL44
  50. HSA5-M2H3HVRC3D

Other info

Tip: Hot Cash doesn’t take off other discounts, so if there’s a site-wide discount going on Hot Cash stacks on top!

Date information: Hot Cash sale starts on January 17th (12:01 AM PDT) for VIP members, and then the same time on the 18th for everyone else! VIP members are basically anyone who has an account and has spent $500+ in the past, but it may work for you so feel free to give it a try on the 1st otherwise wait for the 11th. The sale ends on the 28TH of January!

Money Saving Tip 1: Did you buy anything there that is still in stock during the past 30 days? Well return it and re-buy it with Hot Cash to save some extra POP money.
Money Saving Tip 2: Try to reach as close to the discount amount as possible, remember things like $150 is 12 POPs exactly so you get the best discount.
Money Saving Tip 3: Make sure you have an account! Hot Topic gives you back $5 for every $100 spent, and when you become a VIP+ member you get even more back!
Money Saving Tip 4: Using a Credit Card that gives you cash back, if you have a Credit Card which provides Cash Back .. usually 1 or 2% then be sure to use it.
Money Saving Tip 5: Also feel free to try these codes! (If you don’t have Hot Cash) Use coupon code “HTBXDEC” for $15 off $50+.
Money Saving Tip 6: Use eBates when buying online! At no cost to you they will give you 4.0% cash back, so $4 for every $100 spent which adds up! As an added bonus they give new members $10 if they make a purchase of $25 or more so this will discount your Hot Topic purchase even more. Once you’ve signed up you just go to their Hot Topic page and click Shop Now!

Note: Make sure to click on my Hot Topic link below before shopping! That way i get a small amount back. Or use eBates too! This way you get 4% back yourself as well.

Hope this information will help you get the best out of your Hot Cash experience! Good luck with all of your shopping and feel free to ask any questions!

Click me to hit up the Hot Topic Funko page right now!

32 thoughts on “Time to Get Hot! January 2018 Hot Cash Sale is On!

  1. Got any more hot cash codes for January? I NEED POPS!

    1. Just added some more ~

  2. Anyone has other hot cash codes to spare? (: Thanks!

    1. Added 2 new ones!

      1. Ahhh thanks, but I saw them too late 🙁

        1. Me too 🙁

  3. I need the new Kronk and Kuzco pops! Anymore haute cash codes?

    1. Added 2 new ones!

  4. any extra codes to spare?

    1. Just added a new one ~

  5. Any new codes?

    1. Just added a new one ~

  6. Do you by chance have a coupon code for $120 or a few smaller ones

  7. If somebody have another hotcash, can you please email it to me? thank you sooooo much [email protected]

    1. Just added 60/120 code ~

      1. What about for this for April 2018 ??? Or no ???

  8. I just need one 15 off 30! Thanks for sharing guys!

  9. Do you have one more 15 off 30 code?

  10. Hottopic just sent me 2 more codes! I don’t need them so here they are: (both 15 off 30)



    1. Hey Ace, thanks for sharing! I’m sure these will help some people out ~

  11. So you can use the codes 3 times in store or online? I ask because I’ve used my codes once online and want to use them again in store.

    1. Hey Lolita, nothing to worry there as they don’t use codes in store. You can use the code 3 times, but in store they take your coupon/receipt and that’s a one time thing.

  12. Does any one have a spare haute cash code? Thanks

    1. Sure just added 4 more!

      1. are they part of number 1-19? I tried them but I guess they have all been used! Thanks though!

  13. any more codes for either hot topic or box lunch? Thanks!

  14. it says on the Hot Cash that cant be used on Funko Pops. That sucks

    1. Never seen that anywhere Heather, everyone uses them for POPs. If your particular store says no then try another ~

  15. No last minute ones? 🙁

    1. HWA9-D4FHVRNP9B

  16. need some new ones now, for november 2018

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