James Bond Aston Martin Funko POP Ride! Coming February!

Take off with Sean Connery in this new James Bond Aston Martin Funko POP Ride!

Funko has finally revealed the glam shot of this classic ride from one of Bonds’ most famous outings! Should be seeing this beauty in stores later this winter, but feel free to Pre-Order him below or from your favorite store. I noticed there was no mention of Sean Connery in the advertising or announcement of this POP, seems strange as this version of James Bond is Sean Connery for sure. We know this because they say the figure is from Goldfinger, i wonder why they left his name out? Perhaps he didn’t agree to it. Regardless, glam shot and links coming up!

James Bond – Sean Connery in Aston Martin #44 (Not Exclusive) $27.99 – Click me to pre-order!

James Bond Aston Martin Funko POP Ride

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