Box Lunch Exclusive Experiment 626 Stitch Funko POP! Out Now!

Welcome the Box Lunch Exclusive Experiment 626 Stitch Funko POP into your lives!

The latest in the Hot Topic / Box Lunch series of domes POPs, there’s doesn’t seem to be any official name for them though. I mean the Star Wars ones were called “Collector’s Edition”, and then this one just says .. POP on the side. Anyway, what are your thoughts on these domes figures? I’m not too sure on them personally, though yes .. i did buy them! This one seems to make even less sense, it is a good representation from the film but to keep him floating upside they have put a big see through spike in his head. I’m hoping you can take him off that spike at least!

The same as with the other domes POPs this one will retail at $32.50 (Update: Will be $28.90). And also probably will have a sale on them for $20 on the first day so look out! He has a release date set to the 10th of January, so only 2 days to go!

Update: Came out later than they announced, but it’s out now!

Lilo & Stitch – Experiment 626 Stitch in Dome (Box Lunch Exclusive) $28.90 – Click me to buy!

Box Lunch Exclusive Experiment 626 Stitch Funko POP

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