Specialty Series Wave 20! Crown Hellboy & Bazooka Joe!

Specialty Series Crown Hellboy Bazooka Joe

For the next wave of Specialty Series figures we have some exciting additions, Hellboy with Crown POP and Bazooka Joe Dorbz!

Bazooka Joe hails all the way back to the 1960s and i’m sure if you’ve had any Bazooka Bubblegum back then you may know all too well who he is! He’s a pretty cute figure, though the main thing i’m looking forward to is the Hellboy POP. There’s been a few different ones released, but this one is definitely the best in my opinion! What do you think? The darker tone, sword and crown just make this piece a must have.

As usual these are made to be available at smaller retailers to give them a boost, though it’s not un-common to see them on Amazon! Regardless, check out your favorite smaller online store or local comic store to see if they will be getting these guys in.

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