Ru Paul’s Drag Race Funko POPs & More! HT Nerdette Periscope Previews!

Welcome to HT Nerdette Periscope Previews for the 4th of January 2018!

This week Nerdette revealed some very exciting news, the official confirmation of Ru Paul’s Drag Race Funko POPs! I misspelled Drag as Dragon so many times while writing that .. must be the excitement of the Night King POP Ride! Anyway, i know a lot of people have been waiting for these, i mean a whole host of people ask for them every time Nerdette runs her stream. She was kind enough to show all 3 of them off for us today! So check below to see them in their full glory. Also on the stream today she un-boxed a set of the Marvel Mystery Mini Plush and previewed their upcoming Civil Warrior exclusive! This variant is in Gold and Green and also glows in the dark.

And what else did she have to say? Well, she hinted at a couple of things that are of interest. Firstly she suggested they may be getting an exclusive Disney Hercules POP! Also there will be yet .. another .. Batman POP coming next month, plus for those who have the Hot Topic Guy POP, there may be a female version to go with him sometime soon. Hopefully it will be released publicly and not just given to employees, as i’d definitely like to own one. She said they are holding a contest for the Hot Topic Girl, and the POP will be modeled after the winners appearance! Lastly the Ru Paul POPs are set to release on the 19th of January.

Ru Paul's Drag Race Funko POPs

Ru Paul’s Drag Race – Ru Paul #01 (Hot Topic Exclusive)

Read more to see more!

Ru Paul’s Drag Race – Trixie Mattel #03 (Hot Topic Exclusive)

Ru Paul’s Drag Race – Alaska #02 (Hot Topic Exclusive)

Civil Warrior – GITD HT Exclusive Edition

Marvel Spider-Man Mystery Mini Plush (There’s also a version that has key-chains attached)

Hot Topic Periscope Stream (01/17/18)

This stream starts out with Nerdette unboxing a line of Rick and Morty Mystery Keychains! (Not Funko). But she does show off the Diamond series Glitter Mickey Funko POP and the Rul Paul POPs!

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