Preview It! January Funko Photos Part 1!

January Funko Photos! Here’s a real life look at some of the POPs you’ll see this month.

Take a peek at what we have waiting for us in 2018 Including some mini Hikari’s ~ Who are you most looking forward to? I have to say Guillotine is looking particularly awesome. And the Sailor Moon 3 Pack is a must have of course, that one is set for the Hot Cash event later this month!

Update: Added a couple more to the end!

January Funko Photos

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4 thoughts on “Preview It! January Funko Photos Part 1!

  1. That Mr. Bean chase is beautiful.

    1. Yes, anyone for turkey?

  2. I have like 20 hot cash codes for this time next time im so buying that sailor moon set, I actually screamed when I saw it =) …but it’s too bad you can’t use hot cash at box lunch, I want to buy something for 160 at box lunch but not much I want at hot topic since I just spent so much black Friday and cyber Monday shopping.

    1. Hi Tina, sounds like you’ve been busy shopping at Hot Topic! I know we’ll have a post here like usual for Hot Cash and Lunch Money, hopefully many will share their unwanted codes ~ most usually get shared towards the end it seems!

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