Target Exclusive Stone AAARRRGGHH!!! Funko POP! Out Now!

Target Exclusive Stone AAARRRGGHH!!! Funko POP

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Trollhunters – Stone Stone AAARRRGGHH!!! Funko POP #470 (NYCC 2017 / Target Exclusive) $8.99 – Click me to buy!

Target Exclusive Stone AAARRRGGHH!!! Funko POP

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Official line from Target

Under the small town of Arcadia, lives a secret civilization of mighty trolls! The hit Netflix original series from Dreamworks Animation Television Trollhunters is taking over Funko! AAARRRGGHH!!! appears to be a hulking brute, but in reality, he’s a gentle giant. Once feared lieutenant for Gunmar’s army AAARRRGGHH!!! has since renounced his heinous ways and has joined the good Trolls. Ages 3 and up.

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