Funko POP 2018! A Peek Into What the Future Holds!

A large amount of figures have been revealed, so let’s see what’s in store for Funko POP 2018!

Not only POPs of course, but we have Dorbz, Rock Candy, Mystery Minis, Vynl. and maybe a few other surprises. So what are you hoping to see from Funko in the new year? I know there’s plenty of things i want to see from new franchises and old. I would certainly love if we finally got some Final Fantasy in 2018, but also some more from Kingdom Hearts and the DC Bombshells line. But with the current list we have there are a few i’m looking forward to, most of all the Aladdin Genie Movie Moments, that one is sure to be fun! Regardless, here is the list. It’s a long one!

P.S. This is our first of many sneak peek articles! To see part 2 (Click here!) part 3 (Click here!) part 4 (Click here!) part 5 (Click here!)

Funko POPs

POP TV: Smallville- Clark Kent
POP TV: Smallville- Clark Kent (V2)
POP TV: Smallville- Lois Lane
POP TV: Smallville- Lex Luthor
POP TV: Smallville- Green ArrowFunko POP 2018

POP Games: Destiny S2 – Hawthorne Hawk
POP Games: Destiny S2 – Amanda H
POP Games: Destiny S2 – Osiris
POP Games: Destiny S2 – Calus (GameStop Exclusive)
POP Games: Destiny S2 – Cayde-6 (GameStop Exclusive)

POP Movies: Super Troopers – Ramathorn
POP Movies: Super Troopers – Rabbit
POP Movies: Super Troopers – Foster
POP Movies: Super Troopers – Mac
POP Movies: Super Troopers – Farva

POP Movies: Ready Player One – i-R0k
POP Movies: Ready Player One – Shoto
POP Movies: Ready Player One – Aech
POP Movies: Ready Player One – Sixer
POP Movies: Ready Player One – Art3mis
POP Movies: Ready Player One – Daito
POP Movies: Ready Player One – Parzival
POP Movies: Ready Player One – Sorrento
POP Movies: Ready Player One – Copper Art3mis (GameStop Exclusive)

POP Movies: MMFR – Nux Shirtless
POP Movies: MMFR – Coma Doof
POP Movies: MMFR – Valkyrie

Read more to see more!

POP Star Wars: Red Cup S1 – POP 1-21+
POP Star Wars: Deluxe – Chewbacca in AT-AT

POP TV: Supernatural S4 – Lucifer

POP TV: Pee-wee’s Playhouse – Yvonne
POP TV: Pee-wee’s Playhouse – Pee-Wee
POP TV: Pee-wee’s Playhouse – Pee-Wee w/Glasses
POP TV: Pee-wee’s Playhouse – Chairry w/Pterri

POP Movies: Atomic Blonde- Lorraine /w Chase
POP Movies: Atomic Blonde- Lorraine (V2) /w Chase

POP Animation: Care Bears – Funshine
POP Animation: Care Bears – GL Bear
POP Animation: Care Bears – Cheer Bear
POP Animation: Care Bears – Tenderheart
POP Animation: Care Bears – Love-A-Lot
POP Animation: Care Bears – Grumpy Bear

POP Disney: NBC – Lock
POP Disney: NBC – Shock
POP Disney: NBC – Barrel

POP Disney: Incredibles 2 – POP 1-12+

POP Ride Disney: Hercules & Pegasus
POP Disney: Hercules – Phil
POP Disney: Hercules – Hercules
POP Disney: Hercules – Baby Hercules
POP Disney: Hercules – Hades
POP Disney: Hercules – Meg

POP Disney: Monster’s Inc. – Sulley
POP Disney: Monster’s Inc. – Roz
POP Disney: Monster’s Inc. – Boo
POP Disney: Monster’s Inc. – Harryhausen

POP Disney: Movie Moments Aladdin – Genie

POP Ride: Jurassic Park – Jeep
POP: Jurassic Park – Dr. Ian Malcolm
POP: Jurassic Park – Dilophosaurus
POP: Jurassic Park – John Hammond

POP Vinyl: GPK – Adam Bomb
POP Vinyl: GPK – Beastly Boyd
POP Vinyl: GPK – Clark Can’t
POP Vinyl: GPK – Ghastly Ashley

POP Movies: Grease – Sandy (Carnival)
POP Movies: Grease – Danny Zuko
POP Movies: Grease – Sandra Dee
POP Movies: Grease – Danny Zuko (Sweater)

POP Marvel: Avengers Infinity War 1-20+
POP Marvel: Avengers Infinity 19 (GameStop Exclusive)

POP Games: Overwatch S3 – Sombra
POP Games: Overwatch S3 – Zarya
POP Games: Overwatch S3 – Mercy
POP Games: Overwatch S3 – Junkrat
POP Games: Overwatch S3 – Zenyatta
POP Games: Overwatch S3 – Cobalt Mercy (GameStop Exclusive)
POP Games: Overwatch S3 – 6″ Roadhog

POP & Buddy: Miraculous LB w/Tikki
POP & Buddy: Miraculous CatNoir Plagg
POP Animation: Miraculous Hawk Moth

POP Ad Icons: McDonalds – Officer Big Mac
POP Ad Icons: McDonalds – Grimace
POP Ad Icons: McDonalds – Ronald
POP Ad Icons: McDonalds – Hamburglar
POP Ad Icons: McDonalds – Mayor Mc Cheese

POP Rocks: S4 Weird Al Yankovic
POP Rocks: S4 Alice Cooper
POP Rocks: S4 Motley Crue Nikki Sixx
POP Rocks: S4 Motley Crue Mick Mars
POP Rocks: S4 Motley Crue Tommy Lee
POP Rocks: S4 Motley Crue Vince Neil
POP Rocks: Kurt Cobain (Teen Spirit)
POP Rocks: Elton John Patriotic

POP TV: GOT S8 – Davos Seaworth
POP TV: GOT S8 – Jon Snow (BeyondWall)
POP TV: GOT S8 – Daenerys Dragonstone
POP TV: GOT S8 – Daenerys (White Coat)

POP Movies: IT S2 – Pennywise Crab
POP Movies: IT S2 – Richie w/ bat
POP Movies: IT S2 – Ben w/Burnt Egg
POP Movies: IT S2 – Bill w/ Pistol
POP Movies: IT S2 – Beverly Neckalce w/Chase
POP Movies: IT S2 – Mike
POP Movies: IT S2 – Georgie w/ Boat /w Chase
POP Movies: IT S2 – Eddie Broken Arm

POP TV: Gossip Girl – Blair Waldorf
POP TV: Gossip Girl – Nate Archibald
POP TV: Gossip Girl – Dan Humphrey
POP TV: Gossip Girl – Serena Van Der Woodsen

POP Books: FNAF – Ella
POP Books: FNAF – Theodore
POP Books: FNAF – Twisted Bonnie
POP Books: FNAF – Twisted Chica
POP Books: FNAF – Twisted Foxy
POP Books: FNAF – Twisted Freddy
POP Books: FNAF – Twisted Wolf

POP TV: SNL – Dick in a Box 2pk
POP TV: SNL – Stefon
POP TV: SNL – Gene Frenkle Cowbell
POP TV: SNL – David S. Pumpkins

POP Animation: R&M S3 – Hemorrage
POP Animation: R&M S3 – Scary Terry
POP Animation: R&M S3 – Cornvelious Daniel w/S
POP Animation: R&M S3 – Sentinent Arm Morty
POP Animation: R&M S3 – Alien Face Hugger Rick (GameStop Exclusive)
POP Animation: R&M S3 – Summer
POP Animation: R&M S3 – Beth w/Wine
POP Animation: R&M S3 – Jerry
POP Animation: R&M S3 – Mad Max Rick

POP Movies: Lara Croft- Lara Croft
POP Marvel: Marvel Comics – Gwenom
POP TV: Mr. Robot – Tyrell Wellick
POP TV: Mr Rogers
POP Games: Marvel FF – Sharon Rogers
POP Games: Marvel-FF – Amadeus Cho
POP Games: Marvel Spider-Man (GameStop Exclusive)
POP Television: West World – Wyatt

Funko Dorbz

Dorbz: R&M S1 – Squanchy
Dorbz: R&M S1 – Mr. Meeseeks /w Chase
Dorbz: R&M S1 – Rick
Dorbz: R&M S1 – Snowball
Dorbz: R&M S1 – Flocked Snowball (GameStop Exclusive)

Dorbz Disney: Winnie the Pooh – Tigger
Dorbz Disney: Winnie the Pooh – Eeyore /w Chase
Dorbz Disney: Winnie the Pooh

Dorbz: Frozen – Elsa
Dorbz: Frozen – Anna
Dorbz: Frozen – Sven

Dorbz: Avengers Infinity War – 1-10+

Funko Rock Candy

Rock Candy: Yuri On Ice – Yuri
Rock Candy: Yuri On Ice – Yurio
Rock Candy: Fairy Tail – Erza Scarlet

Funko Vynl.

VYNL: Hellboy – 2 PK
VYNL: Rick and Morty-2PK-Rick&Morty
VYNL: Harry Potter-2PK-Hagrid&Harry

Funko Mystery Minis

Mystery Mini: Red Cup (Han Solo Movie) S1 – 12PC (Release Date 6th April 2018)
Mystery Mini: Rick and Morty W2 – 12PC (GameStop Exclusive)
Mystery Mini: Sailor Moon S1 – 12PC (GameStop Exclusive)
Mystery Mini: Cuphead S1 – 12PC
Mystery Mini: FNAF Books Twisted S1 – 12PC (GameStop Exclusive)

63 thoughts on “Funko POP 2018! A Peek Into What the Future Holds!

  1. Miraculous Ladybug pops? Just wondering, but where’d you find that from?

    1. Yes, i don’t know much about the franchise but yes it’s that ladybug girl.

  2. When/where were the official Smallville Pops announced? I can’t find anything else on them anywhere.

    1. Funko hasn’t announced them officially ~ they are announced here.

      1. I did a tad bit of research and it turns out all these were found on a site called ***.

        1. Oh no, these were found on GameStop by me ~ Some other people found a couple on that site, but a lot of these weren’t on that list.

  3. Ok, I get that Lana will not have a funko since she’s not the favorite character of the majority (she’s MY favorite character), but Chloe Sullivan won’t have one as well? WHY? She was a fan favorite, she were in the show since the very beginning. Thats unfair.

    1. Hi Chris, she may yet come! The list doesn’t include Hot Topic and other non-GameStop exclusives.

    2. Chris they’re not gonna do Chloe cause the actress who played her is involved in a scandal and is accused of being second in command in dome sort of a sex cult that branded and enslaved women

      1. Hi JM, thanks for the info! I didn’t know about that story ~

    3. She wont get one because of her cult affiliation.


  5. Still waiting to see Hocus Pocus ‘Sanderson Sisters’!!!

  6. What do the S2 mean next to some of the announced pops?

    1. Hi Aarika, S2 usually means series 2 and W2 is wave 2 ~

  7. Will Stargate pops ever be a reality? There are some very obscure pops made, I can’t work it why something so popular as SG1 & everything that came after, hasn’t been made yet. ☹

    1. Hi Sandy, i’m sure they will come at some point! The only reason it wouldn’t is licensing issues ~ the show owners and actors all have to say yes to it.

      1. Will Charmed pops ever be made?

        1. Definitely! I wouldn’t be surprised if they came out later this year ~

  8. Will there ever be pops of the FNaF 6 characters?

    1. Of course! FNAF is so popular they will pretty much do every character ~ next one coming out for now is withered bonnie at walmart.

      1. Thanks for your reply! I didn’t know there were gonna be pops of the withered animatronics. Now I’m excited for those and the FNaF 6 ones! 😄

        1. Welcome! Here’s a look at Bonnie, coming soon to Walmart ~

          1. That’s awesome! Also is there gonna be a pop of Ennard from Sister Location? There are the other Sister Location ones but not one of Ennard.

  9. And still no more gotham pops… cmon funko!!

    1. I know, there’s plenty more awesome characters to do! I’m sure they will come in time .. hopefully ~

  10. When is there honna be a charmed pop??? Waiting for it for ages!!!! Pleeassseeee!!! CHARMED! CHARMED!

    1. I hope so! Love the Charmed girls ~

  11. When will you do a Supernatural Trickster pop? And also the full set of Disney Aristocats. Plus Ray Haaryhausen creatures such as Medusa, Talos etc

    1. I think Harryhausen is coming later this year .. and i’m sure the others will be soon! Supernatural for sure.

  12. When do the FNaF Twisted Ones pops release? I pre-ordered a couple of them at GameStop but I can’t find a release date anywhere

    1. Hey Bruce, i’m thinking March but .. no official release date has been set, so keep an eye out ~

  13. Lol! I think you mean a peek. Gotta watch those homophones. If you’re looking for a new website editor, I’d be happy to oblige. 😉

    1. Yes i do need a new one! Kidding lol it’s just me here, maybe i will hire one in future when i have the moneys ~

  14. Hopefully the Overwatch Mercy Funko isn’t too far off. And if the Cobalt GameStop exclusive version turns to be real, I’m gonna have to nab it before production ends. I’ve pre-ordered the LOTR Lurtz Funko 🙂

    1. Hopefully! I’ve pre-ordered them all and Mercy too in case she is exclusive ~

  15. You should make Neo Queen Serenity/Princess Serenity and King/Prince Endymion from Sailor Moon. Maybe Helios or Super Sailor Chibi Moon

    1. Hi Courtney, Neo Queen, Endymion and Small Lady is already on the way ~ 2 weeks from now at Hot Topic.

  16. Will D.Gray-Man Pops ever be made? I really would like them!

  17. Why is there no chuck bass pop? All the other Gossip Girl main characters are coming.

    1. I know!! Its infuriating!

  18. Can’t wait for the Grease Funkos but will there ever be Blues Brothers Pops? And after 2 Dean Funkos, maybe another Sam Winchester?

  19. Why is there not a Stanley on IT Series 2 Funko. Do we really need another Pennywise?

    1. I agree! Just people love Pennywise, they go crazy over him lol

  20. Are there any chances to have Todoroki from My Hero Academia?

    1. It’s possible for the future, but no news on that just yet!

  21. Will we ever see the rest of the kittens from Disney Aristocats?

  22. So want more OITNB Pops !

    1. Hi Sally, i’m sure they will be coming later this year!

  23. Will there ever be Coraline or The Magicians pops?? I REALLY HOPE SO XD

    1. Me too ! Love those, that would be awesome ~

  24. there will not be a chuck bass pop?

  25. When can I get Weird Al??

  26. Are there going to be any Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic pops coming out in the future??

  27. Out of interest- will there be any more Gotham funko pops? There’s lots of new and cool characters so I was just interested to know because I love Gotham

    1. Hey Max, no news on any more Gotham POPs yet! Hope we get more as well ~

  28. DO you have a release date for Miraculous Lady Bug Pops? Amazon had it listed as 4/20, but it appears that date may have shifted when our preorder was delayed to a TBD date.

    1. Yep seems delayed when i checked various places, i’m sure it’s just a shipping issue, probably come out early to mid May

  29. I’ve only seen the King Aragorn on one site and only from Australia. Will he be offered anytime soon?

    1. Yep he’s on offer right now ~ just ask in store and they ship him to you

  30. You know what would really be cool? A 10” flocked Scooby-Doo Target exclusive. Are we going to see more Thundercats? My dream POP is 6” Darkness from the movie Legend. Do you think we will see Care Bear cousins?

  31. To bad Funko’s customer service and shipping sucks and they don’t care about their customers

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