Hot Topic Exclusive Holiday Wonder Woman Cryptozoic Bombshell! Out Now!

Hot Topic Exclusive Holiday Wonder Woman Bombshell

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DC Bombshells – Holiday Wonder Woman (Hot Topic Exclusive LE 2,017) $29.90 $23.92 – Click me to buy!

Hot Topic Exclusive Holiday Wonder Woman Bombshell

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Official line from Hot Topic

Cryptozoic’s DC Comics Bombshells Wonder Woman (Exclusive Holiday Edition) figure, based on the popular line of collectibles and comics, draws inspiration from 1940’s pinup art while depicting an alternate reality where DC’s superpowered female characters are at the center of World War II. Hand-painted and styled to pay homage to classic pinups with a cute cartoonish twist. Comes packaged in display-worthy window box.

9 thoughts on “Hot Topic Exclusive Holiday Wonder Woman Cryptozoic Bombshell! Out Now!

  1. I keep getting check payment settings and continue. The order won’t go through no matter what credit card i use.

    1. They had a temporary issue, should be working now ~

    2. Funko POP News Nope. Just tried again and doesn’t work.

    3. John Lamm That’s a shame, if you can’t get it working may have to call them and place an order over the phone ~

    4. Funko POP News Tried that too. Closed.

    5. John Lamm Yes they close at 7PM PST so you’ll have to do it tomorrow ~

  2. This is not even a Funko product – it’s Cryptozoic. Why is it on FPN?

    1. Because they’re awesome and i collect them too!

  3. Love, love, love her!

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