Walmart Exclusive Mr Monopoly Funko POP! Out Now!

Walmart Exclusive Mr Monopoly Funko POP

Note: Having same issue as the GITD Green Ranger originally did with the Zip issue, same as Green Ranger this will probably randomly be fixed over the next day or so. Don’t bother messaging Walmart about it, the supper there can’t do anything about the issue.

Board Games – Mr. Monopoly #01 (Walmart Exclusive) $8.78 – Click me to buy!

Walmart Exclusive Mr Monopoly Funko POP

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12 thoughts on “Walmart Exclusive Mr Monopoly Funko POP! Out Now!

  1. You can add to cart but you can’t checkout.

    1. Yeah they’re having issues same as green ranger before! A little annoying ~

  2. Been happening since noon . Anyone know what’s going on with the site?

  3. same with me I called them and its a problem with the website. they said give us 24-48 hours for a resonse. I said thx it will be long sold out by then

  4. were you able to order it??

    1. Not yet, the issue persists still ~

    2. I’m sorry to hear that. Its driving me nuts. Then I was reloading It with Wig and it popped up 5 left, got it in my cart and went to pay and poof sold out!! Not my night tonight I guess

    3. Shannon Michael Bickel Yeah pennywise went in and out of stock a bunch of times, i got in an order ~ helps to have a page monitor. Also black and white pete from kingdom hearts and stan lee ~

      1. It is live as of now, 5am est. Got my order in! Good luck everyone!

  5. I kept checking my cart for uncle moneybags.. had two in there and I checked all day and night and of course I sleep for 4 hours and they fix the problem and I miss him. One of the ones I wanted the most. So did the Stan Lee wal mart pops also already come and go? I haven’t seen anything on them?

  6. Need to order more so they will not sell for so high on EBAY & Amazon. I would love to buy both versions of the Mr. Monoply. I would rather pay Walmart then to scalpers and people that have toy shops and turn around and sell them for more in their toy shop.

    1. Hi Donna, the regular version of Mr. Monopoly comes back in stock every so often so keep an eye out ~

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