Funko POP News Micro Update 128.0

How has everyone been? Great week so far i would hope, anyone looking forward to Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con? I can’t go myself but have fun anyone who is! And regardless, another convention means more exclusive POPs on the way (More details on that below). Lately i’ve been trying to get my hands on the latest Walgreens Star Wars exclusives, no luck on those thus far! The Walgreens are my area are pretty lack luster, but they should have them .. some day. Also just got in my Statue of Liberty Freddy and BAM Exclusive Annabelle, both of which are awesome! Any news with you? Feel free to comment below! Also make sure to keep an eye on Twitter or Facebook for other smaller news stories in between our main updates here. Here’s your micro Funko POP News for the day!

Sneaks & Peaks: What personal and unofficial news do we have for you? Take a look!

Deals: What kind of deals and sales are going on this week?

Officials: What figures have Funko officially announced this week? We shall see!

Please note, most items below and more are available for Pre-Order right now at Entertainment Earth.

Videos: Come get the lowdown on this weeks Funko news in video form, what have they teased us with this time?

Funko POP News Micro Update 128.0

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5 thoughts on “Funko POP News Micro Update 128.0

  1. In a good news/bad news situation, I finally received my TOTY Thank You Freddy Funko POP after a bit of a shipping snafu, but unfortunately the box got pretty damaged. Still glad to get one at all considering how rare they are, but it does suck to see the box in such terrible shape.

    I really love what you’ve been doing on Twitter lately. Keep up the good work!

    That Monopoly POP hasn’t been live yet, has it? It’s listed as out of stock at the moment, so I’d hate to think I’ve already missed it. Also, I’m kinda curious as to what other POPs they could add to this Board Game line, as I can’t really think of any other prominent board game mascots off the top of my head.

    1. Hi Devin, thanks for the comment. I’m glad you got them! I had a similar situation too, mine came damaged but not too bad, just a crease on the back. How was yours?

      And that’s good to hear, have been posting more regular smaller news on twitter and facebook lately instead of on the blog as it’s easier to do and gets information to people faster.

      The Monopoly POP isn’t live as of yet, i’m thinking early to mid November for him. We’ll see! And plenty i’m sure, i was thinking Operation and Mouse Trap. My wife was thinking Clue and Candy Land.

  2. Unfortunately mine was pretty bad. There was some kind of damage on almost every side, with the top, front and left side taking the biggest hits. It’s pretty bad, and since the box it was shipped in is also damaged I assume something heavy was crushing it at some point.

    Glad to hear I haven’t missed the Monopoly POP yet, as it’s one I’m really looking forward to. Admittedly the only one of those games I’ve played is Operation, so I do think that would make a cool POP. Especially if they could somehow incorporate the removable pieces into it (even though they’d be pretty tiny and probably get lost very easily).

    1. That’s a shame, i’ve heard of people not getting theirs at all because of a postal issue and the item was sent back to Funko. After contacting Funko, Funko says anything sent to them is destroyed so there was nothing they can do.

      Yes that would be pretty cool, still hoping for some POP Props some time. Got pretty close to that with Lolbit. He’s a pretty interesting one and pretty much a prop.

      1. I actually had that exact same postal issue with mine (that was the shipping snafu I mentioned in my first comment), but I was able to get in touch with Funko before it was shipped back to them and I guess they were able to rescue it (the fact that it took three trips to get me probably contributed to why the box arrived damaged). I had no idea it was a widespread issue though, just thought I had a stroke of bad luck. It’s a bit sad to think there were already so few of these in the first place, and now a bunch of them might have been destroyed over some postal error.

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