Funko POP News Micro Update 127.0

How was your weekend? Hope you started the new week off well! Posted some recent items i got to Facebook and Twitter so your free to check those out, some newer items i got just today were FYE Reptar, Chase Flocked Porg from Hot Topic and Bone Daddy from the Funko Shop! Luckily all came in good condition, even though UPS smashed my boxes to pieces. What have you guys got lately, anything interesting? I wonder! Have some micro Funko POP News for the day! Well .. more of a mega Funko POP News as they are pretty long sometimes!

Note: Sneaks and Peaks isn’t is finished! Plus check out our Comikaze page (Click me!)

Update: 10 AM 17th October. (Sneaks and Peaks)
Update 2: 8:00 PM 17th October. (Sneaks and Peaks)
Update 3: Big update! That’s this article done for now, a lot of info here for you.

Sneaks & Peaks: What personal and unofficial news do we have for you? Take a look!

Deals: What kind of deals and sales are going on this week?

Officials: What figures have Funko officially announced this week? We shall see!

Please note, all common POPs and more are available for Pre-Order right here at Entertainment Earth. Make sure to take advantage of their Buy 1 Get 1 50% off Funko Sale!

Videos: Come get the lowdown on this weeks Funko news in video form, what have they teased us with this time?

Funko POP News Micro Update 127.0

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