Hot Topic Exclusive Dapper Sally Funko POP! Back in Stock!

Hot Topic Exclusive Dapper Sally Funko POP


Nightmare Before Christmas – Dapper Sally #313 (Hot Topic Exclusive) $12.50 – Click me to buy!

Hot Topic Exclusive Dapper Sally Funko POP

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7 thoughts on “Hot Topic Exclusive Dapper Sally Funko POP! Back in Stock!

  1. Back In Stock!! 10/13/2017 at 5:39pm Eastern Standard time

    1. Thanks for the update Shannon! I ordered mine at one of the restocks, but it was later canceled sadly! Hoping for more restocks.

      1. They cancelled after you ordered them??

  2. Well I just checked on my order after you said that and they canceled mine as well. I cannot believe that.

  3. I called Hot Topic and complained about the canceled order. The lady tried to give me some BS about them letting customers over order the item. After about 10 minutes back and forth she credited my Hot Topic account with three $5 rewards. So no Dapper Sally but if she comes back in I will get her free. Not really a win but almost I guess

    1. Hi Shannon, yes they cancelled mine after a restock ~ and sorry to hear about yours too! I think more should be coming, they said all of the October exclusives are delayed for online because of a sticker issue. Nerdette said in the warehouse they put huge stickers on every exclusive POP instead of the shipping box. So they have to remove every sticker and that it will take 2-3 weeks. Glad you got $15 credit though!

      1. Cool that means we have a shot at scoring those exclusives. I really wanted that Elvira one and Halloween Sora one. Thanks for the heads up. If you see any pop up for sale let us know as you always do. Thanks for all your hard work. Have a good day

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