Funko POP News Micro Update 126.0

Hope you are all having an awesome weekend so far, got anything interesting to share? I wonder. Let’s see what are the recent POPs i got, well i managed to find a Chase Tiffany POP which was fun. Also popped into GameStop to pre-order a couple more of their exclusives. Haven’t hit upon Surtur yet, i missed out on his pre-order window so i’ll have to track him down afterwards if i can. I hope you’re all excited .. or dreading NYCC in just 5 more days! Make sure you keep close track of our official NYCC 2017 page. The link is at the top or you can just click me, have some micro Funko POP News for the day! Well .. not so micro but it’s the name we’re going with!

  1. Sneaks & Peaks: What personal and unofficial news do we have for you? Take a look!
    1. Don’t forget that tomorrow is the day, what day you say? Well when the Red Stormtrooper goes on sale for Red Card holders at Target! Seem me for more details.
    2. Coming along in time for the Justice League film are two Walmart Exclusive POPs! Who else will hold the Motherbox? Or should i say, how many more variants will this create. We’ve already seen Aquaman with Motherbox for SDCC.
      1. Wonder Woman with Motherbox
      2. Cyborg with Motherbox
    3. Including the awesome Star Wars figures you already know about, much more is coming to Walgreens including.
      1. A 2 Pack of Money Inc. from WWE.
      2. Marvel’s Moon Knight.
      3. Anakin in a Pod Racer.
      4. Another Movie Moments, this time Bespin.
    4. Funko CEO Brian says there will be a 10″ Hulk mega POP on the way.
    5. Expect to see many POPs hitting stores tomorrow! (1st of October) Here’s a few who’s official release date is up.
      1. Team Fortress 2
      2. Disney’s Coco
      3. Blade Runner 2049
      4. Red Stormtrooper
    6. Elena of Avalor not until 15th of October and Portal 2 you have to wait for the 7th of November.
    7. Here’s a few links for those anticipating NYCC quite eagerly! Keep these links handy if you want to be first.
      1. Real Monsters: Ickis.
      2. Ducktales: Scrooge McDuck.
      3. Harry Potter: Boggart as Snape.
      4. Inhumans: Flocked Lockjaw.
      5. Thor Ragnarok: Grandmaster.
      6. Power Rangers: 6″ Dragonzord.
      7. Sailor Moon: Sailor V.
    8. The December box for Disney Treasures will be themed on Snowflake Mountain, the silhouette seems to suggest the POP will be Bambi!
    9. Target Exclusive Grady Twins with Chase! Coming 15th of October
      1. DPCI: 323 01 0714
    10. For Free Comic Book Day 2018 there will be an exclusive POP, which will be the Bloody Lying Cat figure from Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples’ Saga.
    11. Toy Tokyo have sent out emails to everyone who is part of their NYCC lottery for figures.
    12. Funko has also sent out emails to all of those who have won a ticket to enter the Funko Booth!
    13. Walmart will be getting more Star Wars exclusives!
      1. Hand & Greedo Movie Moments.
      2. Darth Vader & Obi Wan Movie Moments.
      3. R2D2 & C3P0 Escape Pod Movie Moments.
      4. Deathstar POP 3 Pack.
      5. X Wing Pilot POP 3 Pack.
    14. Also on the theme of SW a Holographic Ahsoka from Star Wars Rebels will be coming.
    15. If you’re in the UK you can grab the Unmasked Justice League Flash POP from Smyths Toys right here. In the US he is exclusive to Regal Cinemas.
    16. Back in stock at Walgreens is the Juggernaut!
    17. DC’s Lobo is on the way and pre-orderable from Entertainment Earth! Or your favorite other store for buying PX Previews Exclusives.
    18. At Best Buy, there is a possible alternative color Wet Bandits 2 pack coming along with a Froze Olaf and Sven 2 pack. Probably from the upcoming short film!
    19. There will be a 5th addition to the Marvel VS Capcom 2 packs! Black Panther VS Monster Hunter.
    20. Congrats to everyone who grabbed a special Giants BB8 POP at the game!
    21. Toys R Us will be releasing 5 (non NYCC) exclusives on the 5th of October! To coincide with NYCC.
      1. 12 inch Inhumans Lockjaw Plush
      2. GOTG2 Groot Holding Bomb
      3. The Walking Dead Black and White Bloody Negan
      4. TTG Trigon
      5. DC Heroes Bizarro Dorbz
    22. Exclusive Gnap! Smurf is available from Forbidden Planet right now, they do ship internationally.
    23. Fugitive Toys have their exclusive Steamboat Willie Dorbz up for pre-order.
    24. We will finally be seeing Amy Pond in POP form!
    25. Ginny in her Quidditch Robes is back in stock at Barnes and Noble.
  2. Officials: What figures have Funko officially announced this week? We shall see!
    1. The awesome DC Bombshells are getting a second wave, great news for me as i love them. (Official Date: November)
    2. Are you a fan of Anime on Ice? Well Yuri on Ice POPs are on the way. (Official Date: October)
    3. Celebrate the holiday season with some new Christmassy Vynl.! (Official Date: November)
    4. Funko announced that the NFL Mini Dorbz are to return! Because they did so well the first time. (Official Date: October)
    5. Coming in time for the re-make, Hellboy is getting a plushies line all to themselves. (Official Date: November)
    6. Be there or be square, meet the New Day and Zack Ryder at Funko HQ on October the 17th. (9-11AM) have a chance to get a limited to 500 pieces Zack Ryder POP along with many autograph opportunities. (Official Date: October 17th)
    7. Sailor Moon time! I mean Chibi Moon time, yes another wave of Sailor Moon POPs is hitting soon including Queen Beryl. (Official Date: November)
    8. Kingdom Hearts? Yes finally! It took them long enough, now we get the main characters Sora, Kairi and Riku in POP form and much more. (Official Date: December)
    9. I hope you’re a Super Dragon Ball fan, and well a fan of Dragon Ball Super too! A whole new line is hitting for that show including exclusives. (Official Date: January 2018)
    10. I’d be surprised if you weren’t excited about these already, awesome new star wars figures! POP Deluxe and a new Movie Moments line coming soon. (Official Date: October 1st)
    11. From the game that has taken many years to complete, the awesome traditional art in this game now brings you some very new looking Funko figures. Completely different from what you’ve seen before! And awesome. (Official Date: November)
  3. Video: Come get the lowdown on this weeks Funko news in video form, what have they teased us with this time?
    1. Funko gives us a recap of all the NYCC figures coming this week to New York.
    2. Yoko and Hillary give us an unboxing of the just released Nightmare Before Christmas Pint Size Heroes.
    3. Funko shows a teaser trailer for the upcoming Bombshells POPs, very exciting!
    4. Come experience the Joy of Painting with Bob Ross, a teaser trailer revealing the POPs coming this December.
    5. Marvel and Funko come together again to release another short film, join Star Lord, Groot and Taserface on an adventure!
    6. Our friends Yoko and Hillary do another unboxing, this time a new addition to Funko. Bananya Cats!
    7. Spoiler Alert! I hope you got your Disney Treasures Box this month as it’s sold out, see what’s inside right here! Spoiler Alert!
    8. A whole new line of Sailor Moon POPs and more are on the way, check out a teaser of them right here.
    9. Are you excited for Novembers Legion of Collectors Box? The theme this time is Justice League, check out a teaser right here.
    10. Funko announced a new line recently, Cuphead! For the awesome game coming soon, a very different style for Funko this time.
    11. Here we have a small teaser of Disney Afternoon Mystery Minis in anticipation for their November release!

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5 thoughts on “Funko POP News Micro Update 126.0

  1. Moon Knight has been one of my most wanted Marvel POPs, so I’m glad to see that’s finally happening.

    1. Hi Devin, that’s awesome to hear! Yes he’s finally coming and exclusive to Walgreens as far as i know. Here’s a shot of his prototype ~

      1. Awesome, thanks for the pic! I think I would have preferred for them to go with his classic look, but he still looks cool in any incarnation. Regardless, I’m just glad to be getting one of him.

  2. Thanks for info. Just an update my gamestop has the portal 2 pops in stock right now. We got them a few days. No street date .

    1. Welcome Jay, and thanks for the update i guess there’s nothing to stop you from putting them out then! I will check my local gamestop and see if they have them too ~

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