Disney Parks Exclusive Figment Funko POP! Coming Soon!

Is this part of your imagination? Disney Parks Exclusive Figment Funko POP coming soon!

And when i say soon i mean soon, it should be hitting Disney on October the 1st. Sadly this won’t be for any of you around Disneyland, you may notice the Epcot 35 banner on the top of the POP, this is being released to celebrate Epcot’s 35th Anniversary! So head on down to your nearest (and only) Disney World Resort to pick this guy up from Mouse Gear and Image Works in the Epcot area! They say purchasing limits apply but this could mean various things, it’s usually between 2 and 10 and they change that on the fly depending on their stock. Also i’m going to guess this guy will be $19.99 .. for now, feel free to let me know if that changes! Good luck to all those looking to grab him, glam shot and info coming up!

Disney Parks – Figement #293 (Disney Parks Exclusive) $19.99?

Disney Parks Exclusive Figment Funko POP

Note: Feel free to check out the official announcement at Disney Merchandise right here!

2 thoughts on “Disney Parks Exclusive Figment Funko POP! Coming Soon!

  1. No! Why? The one year I don’t have a pass! Hopefully there will be other versions that are obtainable without paying an eBay vulture.

    1. It’s possible it will come for sale online, but they won’t announce that before hand and it will be random so we’ll see!

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