New York Comic Con 2017! Funko Reveal Part 12!

Welcome to the final reveal for this years convention with the New York Comic Con 2017 Funko Reveal Part 12! Joining us today is Freddy Funko and some of his friends!

Well Funko says this will be the last announcement regarding exclusives, but it’s not un heard of that they will reveal something special later on. Anyone hoping for a bonus item? I hope so! Many were expecting some DC TV exclusives that were promised by Funko some time ago, but it seems they didn’t make an appearance. There are plenty of other exclusives not mentioned though, for instance Fugitive Toys have 3 exclusives that weren’t officially announced by Funko. Also you may find some exclusive POP Asia figures at the convention, perhaps if you check out the POP Life booth! Hint. Other notes are that Toys R Us is planning on releasing their Black and White Bloody Negan POP, along with Baby Groot holding a Bomb on October the 5th so those 2 may make an appearance at the con.

But what about the figures?! Well we have two Freddy Funko’s joining us here, and 2 of his friends. Well that is what Funko calls them! Joining Freddy is Bone Daddy which some old school Funko collectors may know of. He is one of their original creations that they are slowing introducing back into their fold, so possibly exciting news for fans of their old releases. Also there is a leprechaun from the General Mills cereal Lucky Charms! Not something we had back in England but i’ve been told over here it is quite popular, what do you say?

As for our Freddy’s there will be a celebration of New York’s most famous landmark, Freddy in the form of the Statue of Liberty! This is a pretty cool POP i have to say, they even made it green which is true to life but not its original color. Next to him is Freddy in his baseball outfit, a blue and white pinstripe number that looks very fancy. Worth noting that all 4 figures here are coming in limited numbers, but .. with numbers so high i wouldn’t worry too much. You’ll just have to make sure you get in there early, i hope! But good luck to those who want the limited and or non shared figures. Glam shots and info coming up!

Funko Originals – Statue of Liberty Freddy Funko #SE (New York 2017 Comic Con Exclusive LE 6,000)

New York Comic Con 2017 Funko Reveal Part 12

Funko Originals – Bone Daddy #06 (New York 2017 Comic Con Exclusive LE 4,000)

Funko Originals – Baseball Freddy Funko #SE (New York 2017 Comic Con Exclusive LE 750)

Cereal – General Mills Luck from Lucky Charms #356 (New York 2017 Comic Con Exclusive LE 3,500)

Note: Be sure to keep an eye on our official NYCC 2017 page for all the latest updates!

New York Comic Con 2017

Official line from Funko

Here’s our final reveal for the Funko booth at NYCC!

They’re after his Lucky Charms! Lucky the Leprechaun returns to Funko in Dorbz form!

Dig this! The original hip-bone is back from the grave! This classic Funko Bone Daddy Wacky Wobbler returns as a Pop! ready to socket to you!

Freddy Funko pays homage to one of the most important New York City landmarks!

Freddy takes the field in a pinstriped baseball uniform to commemorate New York Comic Con! Play ball!

If you’re attending, make sure your read our booth procedures and enter the lottery for a chance to access our booth and snag these exclusives!

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