Funko POP News Micro Update 125.0

How long has it been since the last micro update? Too long that’s what! Things have been very busy as of late, especially with NYCC coming up as you can imagine. My current object of interest is definitely the upcoming Bombshells POPs, they look awesome! Definitely going to try and grab all of those, they will go nicely with the Cryptozoic figures me and my wife collect. Also recently received the thank you holo freddy from Funko, came a little damaged but it’s free so can’t complain! A very nice addition, how have things been with you guys? Have some micro Funko POP News for the day!

  1. Plenty has been happening with NYCC as of late, Funko revealed their 12th and final wave of exclusive figures for that show. I’m sure you know about our official NYCC page, but if not make sure you check it out! I will be posting about the final 2 waves soon. (Click me!)
    1. If you’re going make sure you have entered the pre-show lottery! Only way to get into the Funko Booth, very important! (Click me!)
  2. I just made a post about the Target Red Card Exclusive Stormtrooper detailing how you can get your hands on him, be sure to check that out if you’d like one! (Click me!)
  3. WootBox in Europe are having an exclusive Stranger Things box, they say it will have an exclusive POP from the show inside! Usually this turns out to be something that is exclusive elsewhere over here in the states though. We will see what happens with this! (Click me!)
  4. POPLife will be having an exclusive POP Asia Funko POP! At the Salt Lake City Comic Con. So head on over to the POP Life booth if you’re attending. (Click me!)
  5. What new POPs and other figures can we expect to see coming up? Well look no further!
    1. Expect to see Hello Neighbor POPs!
    2. Black Panther POPs are coming! 6 of them are known so far.
    3. Also 4 Black Panther Dorbz, one of which is Glow in the Dark!
    4. Coming soon Yuri and Victor from Yuri on ice.
    5. Leia on Speeder Bike POP Deluxe.
    6. Mentioned before, but still excited about the KH POPs! Kairi, Riku, Sora and Heartless.
      1. Don’t forget Halloween Town Goofy and Donald from NYCC.
      2. Halloween Town Sora will be joining them in future! Very exciting.
    7. Olaf with Cats from his Frozen Adventure! Appearing in Cinemas before CoCo.
    8. Zero from Nightmare Before Christmas will be returning! Box Lunch will be getting an exclusive “Zero with Bone” with a GITD Chase variant.
    9. Special Star Wars 2 pack of Vader and Luke fighting, this will come with some kind of stage.
    10. 3 Pack of Star Wars Tie Fighter Pilots.
    11. Rapunzel POP from the new Cartoon series of her.
    12. POPs from the Telltale Series are coming, the first ones are from the Guardians of the Galaxy game! Including Hala the Accuser.
    13. A line from creator Walter Lanz.
    14. Futurama Wave 3.
  6. Here’s a few release dates for you, plenty of POPs coming soon!
    1. Portal 2 POPs hitting stores 7th of November.
    2. Disney’s CoCo POPs hitting stores 1st of October.
      1. Miguel will have a chase variant. (Click me!)
      2. Picture of Ernesto here! (Click me!)
    3. Team Fortress 2 POPs hitting stores 1st of October.
    4. Elena of Avalor POPs hitting stores 15th of October.
    5. The Target exclusive Grady Twins 2 pack is coming soon, hitting stores on the 15th of October.
    6. Hot Topic Gold Shenron coming first week of November.
    7. Hot Topic Exclusive Scorpion coming Mid November.
  7. Orange Bird the Disney Parks exclusive was cancelled for online! You may remember it was on sale for a day or two on their website, but a week later Disney has now sent out emails saying it was a mistake.
  8. Toys R Us has filed for bankruptcy and has started proceedings hoping to restructure their debt, they should continue as normal.. for now.
  9. Walmart Exclusive Pennywise has been seen in stores, hopefully it will go on sale online soon!
  10. A King Felix Funko POP will be given out at the Indians VS Mariners game this Saturday (23rd September). (Click me!)
    1. There will be 3 versions of this POP, and 20,000 in total to give away. 18,966 in his home whites, 1000 in Sunday Alt outfit and lastly 34 in all gold.
    2. Click me for tickets!
  11. One for Canadians, Best Buy has various exclusives on sale such as the Watcher from Horizon Zero Dawn and the Home Alone 2 pack.
  12. eBay coupon of the day! Use code “PSAVE15NOW” to save $15 on any orders of $75 and more.
  13. Entertainment Earth have said that their GITD Reptar is 80% sold out so far, so grab one if you want one! (Click me!)
  14. Fugitive Toys NYCC Party tickets are now on sale! The party is set for October the 7th. (Click me!)
  15. One for Canadians, the Walmart exclusive Martian Manhunter is up for sale! (Click me!)

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9 thoughts on “Funko POP News Micro Update 125.0

  1. Do you have any info. On the Coco pops? Haven’t seen any images yet.

    1. Hi Ann, yes i do! I put them in the article and will place them here too for you ~

    2. I missed them in the article somehow. Hmmmm…
      Thank you for posting them.

    3. Ann Kautz Hi Ann you’re welcome! And no worries i meant i put them in the article .. after you requested them, so you didn’t miss them 😛

  2. Whoa, new Futurama Pop’s! That’s my favorite line ever. I even sprung to pay a scalper for Alternate Universe Fry and Leela.

    Did they say what characters are in wave 3? And when they’re out?

  3. I ran across something about 8 bit horror pops and can’t seem to find it now. Any info on that?

    1. Hi Scott, sorry not heard anything about that thus far!

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