Disney Parks Exclusive Orange Bird Funko POP! Out Now!

What’s that, you haven’t got the Abominable Snowman yet? Well maybe this will distract you with the upcoming Disney Parks Exclusive Orange Bird Funko POP!

Update: Now on sale online!

Hitting stores tomorrow and the same situation as the previous exclusive applies, only 2 per person! Well they say this but that’s never stopped anyone grabbing a mountain of them with tricks such as line cutting, or having people “saving your spot”. Such things aren’t allowed by Disney but of course, they can’t monitor everyone at all times so keep an eye out. You may also notice that Orange Bird will be priced at $19.95, fairly unprecedented i suppose and people say $15 for convention exclusives is too much! Either way expect to see Orange Birds flocking to eBay in the coming days.

Some have criticized Disney for staying open with the impending hurricane on the way, with how erratic they are it could really do anything. Get stronger, weaker and or change directions. It’s expected to hit the area sometime late this weekend so be careful anyone heading down that way and take care! I think Hurricane Irma must know about the power of the Orange Bird .. they want them all for themselves, they believe Orange Bird must fly!

For your information Orange Bird will be available at two locations. First Pin Traders at Disney Springs and second Pirate’s Bazaar at the Magic Kingdom.

Update: Those purchasing at Disney today have mentioned they increased the limit to 10 per person.

Disney Parks – Orange Bird #290 (Disney Parks Exclusive) $19.95 – Click me to buy!

Disney Parks Exclusive Orange Bird Funko POP

Money Saving Tip 1: Free shipping on orders over $75.
Money Saving Tip 2: 10% off if you use a Disney Visa card.

Also of note there will be a flocked version of this POP coming for NYCC 2017!

Official line from Disney

Funko Pop Release – Orange Bird Disney Theme Park Exclusive
September 8 – September 8

Check out the new Funko Pop release at the Walt Disney World Resort® on September 08, 2017. The release will take place at Pin Traders at Disney Springs™ Marketplace and Pirate’s Bazaar at the Magic Kingdom. Click on the image below for a better look!

Purchasing limits apply. Available while supplies last. Information subject to change without notice.

Note: Click me to view the official Disney Merchandise article.

4 thoughts on “Disney Parks Exclusive Orange Bird Funko POP! Out Now!

  1. I’m guessing it’s available at the parks only

    1. Hi Jessica, yes Disney said Disney World only ~

    2. dang it.. guess I didn’t need anyways

    3. Jessica Spillers I know Jessica! They’re limiting to 10 per person and have a lot of stock, so hopefully it’ll be reasonable on eBay perhaps.

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