Roll Up. September 2017 Hot Cash Sale Starts Today!

It doesn’t seem like long at all since the July madness, but we’re here! It’s the September 2017 Hot Cash Sale!

September 2017 Hot Cash Sale

Hot Cash comes but 4 times a year and each time you must make the most of it if you want to save your hard earned money, save it for what? I wonder, probably more POPs no doubt! This sale begins the morning of September 13th for VIP members, for everyone else it starts right now on the morning of the 14th! I hope you’ve been saving those vouchers.

The same with last time the codes on the back are no longer unique sadly, gone are the days when you can just grab a code online and use it endlessly (This includes the 40% off codes that come in the mail too!). Though it’s not all bad news, each code can be used 3 times by yourself or anyone else. So there are plenty of people who will be sharing their codes, and maybe one of those people will be you? I wonder. Regardless any codes i find will be going on this page down below and updated as they come.

Now unlike the previous times! There is no Hot Cash exclusive POP, some people thought that may be Pennywise but .. he is no where to be seen online, so if you want him thus far then check out your local store and pray to the Funko gods that someone didn’t buy 20 just before you get there. It is possible that other codes will still work during Hot Cash so try those if you’re at a loss!

Date information: Hot Cash sale starts on September 13th (12:01 AM PDT) for VIP members, and then the same time on the 14th for everyone else. VIP members are basically anyone who has an account and has spent $500+ in the past, but it may work for you so feel free to give it a try on the 13th otherwise wait for the 14th.

Update 1: Right now Hot Cash can be combined with their site-wide 15% off promotion! This brings POPs down to just $5.32 if you use your Hot Cash.
Update 2: Hot Topic has released a new code, use coupon code “42VPYSRW” to get $15 off any orders $60 and over.
Update 3: New code that is starting on the 15th of September, code “HOTDEAL” will give you 20% off site wide.
Update 4: Shipping currently free on all orders over $75.

Money Saving Tip 1: Did you buy anything there that is still in stock during the past 30 days? Well return it and re-buy it with Hot Cash to save some extra POP money.
Money Saving Tip 2: Try to reach as close to the discount amount as possible, remember things like $150 is 12 POPs exactly so you get the best discount.
Money Saving Tip 3: Make sure you have an account! Hot Topic gives you back $5 for every $100 spent, and when you become a VIP+ member you get even more back!
Money Saving Tip 4: Using a Credit Card that gives you cash back, if you have a Credit Card which provides Cash Back .. usually 1 or 2% then be sure to use it.
Money Saving Tip 5: Also feel free to try these codes! Use coupon code “WELC1HTGL” for $10 off $30 or “BXFFRAUG” for $15 off $50.
Money Saving Tip 6: Use eBates when buying online! At no cost to you they will give you 4.0% cash back, so $4 for every $100 spent which adds up! As an added bonus they give new members $10 if they make a purchase of $25 or more so this will discount your Hot Topic purchase even more. Once you’ve signed up you just go to their Hot Topic page and click Shop Now!

  • Hot Cash Codes (Removed all old codes because they were used up!)
    • 5 new working codes
      • HSA0-5K3FSVRFPV 15/30
      • HSK1-BKL5R4CTXS 15/30
      • HSK5-ZKRSTZZW3H 15/30
      • HSA0-BNDN4CFTRF 15/30
      • HSA1-W9X6X25CQR 15/30
    • 2 new working codes
      • HSK6-4W32WX5BSZ 15/30
      • HSK0-MDHSVLNST4 15/30
    • Here’s a whole bunch more codes for you guys
      • HSK5-79DKVNFF9F
      • HSK5-7QDLSR357T
      • HSK2-FZ6VN3ZDFD
      • HSK3-CBRF3P3PRM
      • HSA8-RRR7GBK6ZC
      • HSK4-CXLD9CK9TL
      • HSK6-R2CH2BZ44R
      • HSK3-2P6CRFB6B7
      • HSK5-3722N6BSKD
      • HSA8-GS9PVBNFK5
      • HSK3-7BS73DSMB2
      • HSK4-KGC[3QV5FP
      • HSK9-PB9T2NGPQF
      • HSK3-MKQF56MTRM
      • HSK5-N9NWFLGBH4
      • HSA5-KMVH7HSBV2
      • HSK2-3SSK2BT34L

Note: If you would like to help me out then make your purchase through eBates, you get 4% of your money back at no cost to you. Also new customers who spend $25+ will get a $10 gift card (How this works is that Hot Topic pays them commission to make sales, and if you go through them they will pay you 80% of that commission no risk no fee and by using my link i also get a small amount back at no cost to you, so everybody wins!)

Hope this information will help you get the best out of your Hot Cash experience!

Good luck with all of your shopping and feel free to ask any questions!

Click me to hit up the Hot Topic Funko page right now!

26 thoughts on “Roll Up. September 2017 Hot Cash Sale Starts Today!

  1. Any word on when the Target exclusive Stranger Things Joyce in Biohazard Suit will be available?

    1. Hi Stacia, should be soon! Here’s a BrickSeek link so you can keep track of her.

  2. no code out there? 🙁

    1. Hi Deb, not yet! No one’s shared any thus far ~

  3. I just got the Hot Topic exclusive Pennywise today

    1. Awesome to hear Heather, that’s a cool one ~

  4. Thank you for the helpful information!

    Since the Hot Cash codes may be used 2 or 3 times each, hopefully some extras may become available for use in the future. If anyone has an extra $75 off $150 that they’ve already made use of once, I would really appreciate the opportunity to try it a second time. Thank you!

    1. Hi Xeras, welcome! Even without the codes i try and provide all the info you need to get the best deals.

      I will post any i find, and i may have one around here somewhere i will post when i find it too.

      1. Very much appreciated on both accounts. Thank you!

  5. Any one have extra codes??

    1. 45 off 90 HWC4-SNL523N4TQ as of 11pm est working

      1. also 30 off 60 HWB0-CMSQKVNLBS working

  6. anyone have a 60 off 120 code that works? If so it would be greatly appreciated. I feel like they are going to lose money on this as I always spend money throughout the year, but now is when i spend higher and if no code no money for them

  7. Any working codes?? :):):)

    1. Will post them as i find them, hopefully can get some more soon!

  8. Does anyone have any codes left 30 off 60? I have two codes for 60 off 120, if anyone would like them.

    1. I will keep an eye out Krysty, i post any i find here but they go quickly of course! There should be more towards the end of the sale once people realise they don’t need anymore.

      And why thank you for the codes, that’s kind of you! I’m sure people here will find them very helpful!

  9. anyone have any more working codes??? plzzzz

    1. Will post them as i find them, hopefully can get some more soon!

  10. Anymore codes?

    1. Will post them as i find them, hopefully can get some more soon! ~

  11. I’m looking for a $60 off $120 code, if anyone has one to share.

  12. Anyone have any codes?

  13. I have a 15 off 30 anyone still want?

  14. Today Hot Topic and Box Lunch are accepting their hot cash….Does anyone have any codes for HOT CASH? I have one for Box lunch if anyone wants to trade?

    1. Just posted my official November hot cash article here!

      I will update it as soon as i find any codes ~

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