Month: August 2017

Funko HQ Grand Opening! What Happened?

Congrats to all those who managed to make it over to Seattle, and also managing to get a ticket! Stay tuned for all the details on the Funko HQ Grand Opening!

Funko HQ Grand Opening

Funko purchased the old Macy’s headquarters a while ago and had been renovating it for some time, plenty of previews were shown during the progress all looking very promising. The doors finally opened at 10am on the 19th of August 2017! With the ribbon cutting happening just 30 minutes previous. Funko stated that as the event would be quite popular there would be ticketing (free) before entering, so you had to line up for a ticket before lining up to get in. They also said no lining up before 6AM or blocking sidewalks, though that of course happened anyway! (Click here to see their grand opening teaser video!)

Outside of the main event there was a whole host of activities filling up the area and the street including their welcome tent, beer garden, face painting and so on! You can see the map below for how everything was laid out for the day.

During the 30 minute opening ceremony Brian Mariotti (The CEO of Funko) gave a brief talk before bring out Kevin Smith, who was follow by the rest of the “Comic Book Men”. The Comic Book Men for those who don’t know is a long running AMC show centered around Kevin Smith’s comic book store, i don’t personally find it all that entertaining but it’s fairly popular from what i’ve seen!


The Comic Book Men were then presented with 5 POPs in their likenesses! One for each of Ming Chen, Bryan Johnson, Kevin Smith, Michael Zapcic and Walt Flanagan. Though it seems Walt couldn’t make it! These POPs would be sold at the grand opening, and of course all of them are quite limited. Once the opening ceremony was done they commenced with the ribbon cutting! Three people took part, Brian Mariotti, Kevin Smith and also the Mayor of Everett “Ray Stephanson”.

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New York Comic Con 2017! Funko Reveal Part 2!

Get ready for the next announcement, one for you Game of Thrones fans with wave 2 of the New York Comic Con 2017 Funko Reveals!


Game of Thrones – Lyanna Mormont #56 (New York Comic Con 2017 Exclusive)

New York Comic Con 2017 Funko Reveal Part 2

Game of Thrones – Jaqen H’Ghar #57 (New York Comic Con 2017 Exclusive) [Shared with Books A Million]

Note: Be sure to keep an eye on our official NYCC 2017 page for all the latest updates!


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Horizon Zero Dawn Funko POPs! Coming October!

Take a trip into the future and come face to face with robots, cultists and more with the upcoming Horizon Zero Dawn Funko POPs!

Unlike the majority of POPs, this game has hit the POP world pretty quickly. I mean the game wasn’t released that long ago and we’re already getting our hands on these soon, that’s usually reserved for the Movie world! This Playstation 4 exclusive game follows our leading lady “Aloy” as she sets out for adventure, she must leave her home town and do the unexpected to save their people from impending doom. The whole premise is set 1000 years into the future, where humans have become more tribal and the high tech robots of the past roam free like wild animals that must be tamed. All in all a very interesting concept, and the game looks beautiful i must say. Thoughts?

As for the POPs, it was easy when i first saw these to know which my favorite was going to be. Aloy of course! I love everything about this POP, she had a very Merida vibe about her from the red hair and bow present. I love the long hair with the transition of color going towards the tips, and the red and blue themed tribal armor with bow looks great. We also have her ally “Erend” and and Eclipse Cultist to round off the human portion of this line up. The last 2 are both robots called Scouters in the Horizon world, one blue and one yellow the latter of which is exclusive to Best Buy! Glam shots and info coming up!

Horizon Zero Dawn – Aloy #?

Horizon Zero Dawn Funko POPs

Horizon Zero Dawn – Erend #?

Horizon Zero Dawn – Eclipse Cultist #?

Horizon Zero Dawn – Scouter #?

Horizon Zero Dawn – Yellow Scouter #? (Best Buy Exclusive)


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Holy Cow. Home Alone Funko POPs! Coming November!

One kid defends his home from some unfortunately named bandits, celebrate this classic with the upcoming Home Alone Funko POPs!

Yes Funko continues with adding more to their classic movies line with Home Alone, these POPs are from the original (And best!) Home Alone movie back from 1990. It’s really been that long? It seems so, know i still have fond memories of watching this when i was younger. Not to say i hated the sequel, it went to quite a different place especially with his relationship to the older women who he bonds with. So not as good as the first but .. still a fun movie to watch, what are your thoughts?

It’s surprising the amount of violence that is in this film, not blood and gore of course but you could say the Wet Bandits go through quite some pains during this film. Even as a kid i was thinking, wait a minute surely they would have died by now? Marv alone gets hit in the face full on with an iron, a paint can and falls down two sets of stairs. One thing that comes to mind is that they would never show this in kids films these days! The injury that still gets me is when he treads on the nail .. ouch.

On the POPs themselves we see Kevin holding his BB gun and the eponymous iron, and then Marv .. with a burn mark on his face from being hit with said iron! And Harry has his head melted due to the blowtorch incident. All in all these are awesome POPs, they could have easily fallen into the genericness trap. But! With the accessories, clothes and injuries that are classic traits from the film, they hit the mark with these for sure. Also there is an exclusive two pack to Best Buy which isn’t anything new, just the same Marv and Harry repackaged. Although they do name the 2 pack “The Wet Bandits” instead of just “Harry & Marv” which is a nice touch. Glam shots and info coming up!

Home Alone – Kevin #491

Home Alone Funko POPs

Home Alone – Harry #492

Home Alone – Marv #493

Home Alone – The Wet Bandits [Harry & Marv] #492 & #492 (Best Buy Exclusive)


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Roll the Dice. Jumanji 2017 Funko POPs! Coming October!

Now you can have your very own Indiana Jones slash Dwayne Johnson crossover with the Jumanji 2017 Funko POPs!

Sadly no POPs from the original Jumanji, though that’s not exactly a tragedy in my books. I know there would be lots of fans who’d love to get them, especially Robin Williams but .. none of the characters in that movie would particularly stand out and in all honesty would be very generic. Though that’s just my preference, i know even despite them not looking all that exciting a whole host of people just love having their favorite character regardless! So who knows, perhaps we will see them in the future.

So far in the series we only have Dr. Smolder Bravestone (Dwayne Johnson) and Professor Shelly Oberon (Jack Black), both i’m sure you will agree are archetypes of particular stereotypes you see in games and on the big screen. One of the jokes in the film (not really spoilers as the trailer makes a big deal about it) is that 4 people play a game which sucks them in, once in the game they turn into these stereotypical characters. The “Popular” girl on the outsides chooses the character Shelly, only to realize later in the game that she is now .. Jack Black! Anyways i hope we also get to see the other two characters at some point, Ruby Roundhouse (Karen Gilian who i’m a big fan of from Doctor Who!) and Moose Finbar (Kevin Hart). So what are your opinions on this line? Feel free to share. Glam shots and info coming up!

Jumanji 2017 – Dr. Smolder Bravestone #494

Jumanji 2017 Funko POPs

Jumanji 2017 – Professor Shelly Oberon #495


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Give Evil Hell. Hellboy Funko POPs! Coming October!

Going back to a time when Guillermo Del Toro could make crazy demon summoning nazi films, of course it’s the Hellboy Funko POPs!

Perhaps coinciding with the news of Hellboy re-imagined, the 2018 come back of the demon defender. Sadly though, the remake won’t have Ron Perlman or Guillerman having anything to do with it, a shame the two films did so poorly as it was a very interesting film with a lot of fun ideas. Originally based on the comic of the same name, the actors and director certainly brought their own take on it. Though i can see why it didn’t do as well as fans would have hoped, it’s certainly quite out there when it comes to “Hero” films. Hellboy isn’t your run of the mill Captain America or Iron Man, things aren’t as squeaky clean and are a bit rough around the edges! What are your thoughts?

Also one thing to note is that these POPs are starting a whole new POP line, one called “Comics”. Hellboy is having the no.1 spot .. of course, being 01 in the series. But this is a strange decision, there have been plenty of comic based characters in the past and they have all been in their respective categories. The POPs you see below are clearly based on the characters from the Movie and not the Comics, so adding them into POP Movies seems like an easy choice to me. Perhaps their reasoning is they want this to be a step in the door for creating non DC/Marvel comic characters, but again they’ve already done this. You may remember the Faith (Click me!) POP based on the character from Valiant Comics, this POP got a whole new “Valiant Comics” line for a single figure. Regardless, i’m sure Funko have their reasons we will see.

As for the POPs themselves they are very fun, POPs from comics and other imaginative sources are always the best. They certainly don’t suffer from the generic figure issue, with characters like these you get to show off all sorts of interesting accessories and bold colors. My favorite here is of course Hellboy, i will have to go with the Chase version. As Chase variants go this one is pretty awesome, i love how over the top and imposing those horns are. What do you think about this line? Glam shots and info coming up!

Hellboy – Hellboy #01

Hellboy Funko POPs

Hellboy – Hellboy with Horns [Chase] #01

Hellboy – Liz Sherman #02

Hellboy – Abe Sapien #03

Hellboy – Lobster Johnson #04

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New York Comic Con 2017 Incoming! Get Excited!

Yes New York Comic Con 2017 Incoming very much so, i say get excited but you may as well be scared too! According to Funko this will be the largest exclusive haul yet, with a minimum of 60 exclusives and counting. I know some of you are thinking, hey, i’ve not really recovered from SDCC […]

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New York Comic Con 2017! Funko Reveal Part 1!

New York Comic Con 2017 Funko Reveal Part 1


WWE – Zack Ryder #44 (New York Comic Con 2017 Exclusive)

Note: Be sure to keep an eye on our official NYCC 2017 page for all the latest updates!


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Fugitive Toys Funko Pop Up Shop Figures! In Stock!

Fugitive Toys Funko Pop Up Shop Figures Go to Fugitive Toys now if you missed any of the Pop Up Shop items, they have a good variety in stock for reasonable prices. Click me to go there! Money Saving Tip 1: Order over $100 and get free shipping!

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FYE Exclusive Drax with Groot Funko POP! Pre Order Now!

FYE Exclusive Drax with Groot Funko POP ~ Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – Drax holding Baby Groot #262 (FYE Exclusive) $14.99 – Click me to buy! Money Saving Tip 1: Earn 3.5% cash back at FYE by going through eBates (Includes free $10 gift card for new members who make a $25+ purchase) click […]

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