Star Wars Funko Force Friday 2! Midnight Hour!

What’s that, it’s almost midnight on the 31st of August? Yes that’s right, it’s the Star Wars Funko Force Friday 2 Midnight Hour!

Star Wars Funko Force Friday 2 Midnight Hour

Well if you’re on the east coast that is, will be around 9PM for those in the west. That’s a typical time that stores such as Hot Topic like to release their timed exclusives, but keep an eye out regardless! Today came the full glam shot release by Funko detailing every product they have waiting for us tomorrow, well almost every product. We’d already seen most of them before, but now it’s nice to have them confirmed and also know which stores some of the elusive exclusives will be. To give yourself a head start then pop on over to our Force Friday page (Click me!), i’ve added all the currently available links there such as Walmart and Hot Topic exclusives. More will come tomorrow!

As for what other surprises there may be, well there’s plenty more Star Wars Funko items they didn’t reveal. Such as the Red Stormtrooper and the Kylo Ren POP Deluxe, they may release in time for Force Friday, though they may just be regular releases dated for a later time. I mean they were releasing Rogue One POPs only recently, such as Young Jyn Erso so .. yes this huge amount of POPs is only the start! Don’t have a wallet attack. If you want to restrict yourself then just look out for Porg and the exclusives, the commons will be around for a while. I say Porg because his online stock will go fast with people looking for that chase, anyway good luck!

Click here for our official Force Friday page

11 thoughts on “Star Wars Funko Force Friday 2! Midnight Hour!

  1. Funko POP News will any of the pops be going online?

    1. Hi Andrew, yes they are going live online through Friday ~

    2. Funko POP News alright thx

    3. Andrew Daniels Welcome!

    4. Funko POP News may I ask who runs ur site?like one person?

    5. Andrew Daniels My site? Yep just me! lol

    6. Funko POP News thats awesome how do u do it bro?

  2. Flocked Chewie just went live

    1. Hi Daniel, thanks for the update! Made a post about it 12 mins ago ~

    2. Funko POP News Best Buy just went live also brotha

    3. Daniel Turner Thanks for letting me know! Working on that now ~

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