Star Wars Funko Force Friday 2! News & More!

It’s only 3 days away now! Star Wars Funko Force Friday 2, yes part 2. Are you ready for it? Well we’ll make sure you are, stay tuned!

Star Wars Funko Force Friday 2

Well that’s what they’re calling it (Force Friday 2 Officially) as this is the second year they’ve heavily promoted the event, but whatever you want to call it its the day that most companies like to release all their new Star Wars merchandise (Funko included). So to start you on the hype train for a certain upcoming Star Wars film you will go on a different adventure, one where you try not to go crazy finding that one particular exclusive POP you want! If you’re up for the challenge.

Of course plenty of stores have released them early, and even with all the measures in place many have snuck out into the wild. As you will no doubt have noticed from all the ones on sale with your good friend eBay. Though this is certainly the minority so don’t worry, there are plenty still out there! Most stores do actually follow their practices luckily. When it comes to the base 13 POPs you probably have nothing to worry about as they will probably be knocking around on shelves for years, just have to be careful of Porg .. because he has a Chase version. This usually means that even the common will be in short supply online with those buying multiples hoping for that Chase goodness.

So which of the many POPs going on sale are you planning to get? Or maybe something not Funko branded at all. Regardless the same as we have done with SDCC and NYCC we have a special page set up for all your Force Friday information. Just click me to go there! Here you will find all the links, SKU’s, UPC’s and exclusives info that you could want updated as and when it comes in. As the embargo is set for the 1st of September Funko is trying very hard to keep all details under wraps, but they find a way to sneak through eventually.

So far around 9 exclusives have come to light, and there are more so don’t worry. The full details of everything will of course be revealed on the 1st of September but a little headstart wouldn’t hurt of course. Feel free to add any info in the comments or make requests for specific information you’d like to be of priority, good luck on Friday! Take care.

Click here for our official Force Friday page

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