Funko POP News Micro Update 124.0

Welcome to another edition in your micro Funko POP News life! Well i say micro .. as i fit smaller stories into one article, but .. if you’ve read the blog before they can get quite long! So take what you will from that, it’s just the name i gave them originally so i stuck with it. My latest excitement and searches withing the collectible world have been with Rock Candy, and Cryptozoic’s DC Bombshells line. I’m glad with the upcoming Rock Candy additions for sure! Last update i tried to break up some of the text with images, so feel free to say whether you like the addition of images as sometimes the wall of text can be quite daunting. Hope you guys are all having an awesome day!

  1. Just updated our Rock Candy page again, there are quite a few new ones coming! Including ..
    1. Wonder Woman Bombshell
    2. Batgirl Bombshell (Fun to hear these are coming to Rock Candy!)
    3. StarFire from Teen Titans GO!
    4. 3 variants of Raven. Her basic form is a common, and her Happy and White forms are going to Toys R Us (As expected, they get the majority of TTG exclusives)
    5. Jessica Rabbit (Still waiting on this!)
    6. Maleficent
    7. Cruella De Ville
    8. 2 variants of Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas! One with deadly nightshade and one holding her cat, the latter is exclusive to Hot Topic.
    9. And more! Feel free to check out our Rock Candy list to help with your collection. (Click me!)
  2. One for all of the UK collectors! is having a 15% sale for any of those who like them on Facebook, they have plenty of POPs under 10 but also (at an upcharge) they sell USA exclusive POPs to UK collectors so feel free to check them out.
  3. To get you excited for the next wave of Kingdom Hearts POPs, take a look at Halloween Goofy and Donald. (Click me!)
    1. These may release alongside the Sora and Riku POPs, which will be very exciting. I’m glad they finally are getting those out!
  4. The Star Wars plush set of Salacious B Crumb and Jabba the Hutt are available on Amazon here for the low prices of just $3.56 [Add on item ](Click me!)
  5. You can grab a 4 pack of BTAS POPs right here for only $27.40. This includes Robot Batman, Catwoman, Bane and Phantasm. [$6.85 Each] (Click me!)
  6. Funko had their gran opening yesterday! Saturday the 19th at their new Headquarters in Seattle. More info and inside photos coming soon! (Click me!)
    1. Check out Nerdette on Periscope to see her walk-through of the Funko HQ! (Click me!)
  7. Looks like our little Porg friend from Star Wars Episode VIII will be getting a Chase variant. (Click me!)
  8. On the same note, Walmart will be getting some EP8 Exclusives. One of Leia is known and here is an image of the Resistance BB8 Unit. (Click me!)
  9. To go with the Ginny POP we’ve all been waiting for, seems Barnes and Noble will get a Quidditch Ginny exclusive! (Click me!)
  10. The GameStop exclusive 30th Anniversary Street Fighter Box is now on sale! (Click me!) The contents are as follows..
    1. Hot Ryu and Violent Ken POP 2 Pack
    2. Akuma Pocket POP
    3. Street Fighter Hat
    4. 2 Street Fighter Pint Size Heroes of Chun Li and Guile.
  11. Diamond series Belle is arriving anytime! And after her you will be seeing the glitter Ursula, Hot Topic posted about it and other exclusives on their twitter so click me to check them out!

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