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Walgreens Exclusive Mace Windu Funko POP! In Stores Now!

I hope you’ve managed to pick up mr purple lightsaber himself, the Walgreens Exclusive Mace Windu Funko POP!

This was released very briefly on the Walgreens website which i missed while i was away sadly! But luckily i found him in stores. Is there anyone out there still looking for him? I wonder. I thought it would be a bit of a nightmare to get, but the few Walgreens i did go into had quite a lot of him. Seems to be the case with Walgreens mainly, the POPs just appear randomly out of nowhere. The different colored lightsaber does make him very unique, so i’m glad i can add him to my collection. You could say there isn’t much purple in the Star Wars world, bring on the rainbow colored saber? Or .. maybe not. Glam shot and info coming up!

Star Wars – Mace Windu #172 (Walgreens Exclusive) $9.99 – Varies from store to store

Walgreens Exclusive Mace Windu Funko POP

Official line from Funko

We’re still in a Star Wars celebrating kind of mood!

Finally, here’s Mace Windu!

6 thoughts on “Walgreens Exclusive Mace Windu Funko POP! In Stores Now!

  1. East coast seems to not have gotten him. Ive been to 10 stores across nh and ma nothing

    1. I understand your frustration, i’m in Ohio personally and seen a bunch here. With Walgreens being so unhelpful 100 could be put out anyday, or they may just leave them in the back for months. Sometimes the manager just won’t order any because they say “these olafs aren’t selling, no one wants Funko POPs”.

    2. Funko POP News ive spoken to employees at each different one, they get their toy shipments on fridays and all have my phone number to call me. yet never gotten a call

    3. Melissa Manica Wouldn’t be surprised! I’ve given my number to many in the past, they never called back when they received the item i asked for ~

    4. I saw several of Mace in stock at a couple stores in southern NH yesterday.

  2. Melissa, a couple Walgreens in southern NH had multiples of Mace out on the shelf this Friday.

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