Day: August 9, 2017

Walgreens Exclusive Deadpool the Duck Funko POP! Coming Soon!

They’re coming at you with another fun figure, it’s the¬†Walgreens Exclusive Deadpool the Duck Funko POP!

Walgreens definitely picking up a lot of fun exclusives, it’s just a shame they have no idea what they’re doing with them! I’m sure many have experienced the Walgreens nightmare, a company, one of many who invests in these exclusive products and yet doesn’t tell their staff anything about them. The worst offender is Walgreens exclusive Mystery Minis, if you don’t live in a busy city area with a large Walgreens .. then good luck. Anyway back on topic.

This figure believe it or not is actually based on a real comic, though with rainbow Batman existing i’m sure you’re not surprised by now! But Rainbow Batman was from a long time ago in Detective Comics, Deadpool the Duck is pretty recent. His first appearance was in the “Deadpool Kills Deadpool” comic issue 3 back in 2013. So what duck does he most repesent hm .. Donald, Daffy? Maybe Howard? He’s apparently from .. Duckworld. Where Howard also came from, and funnily enough .. Ducktor Strange, i see what they did there. Glam shots and info coming up!

Marvels Deadpool – Deadpool the Duck #230 (Walgreens Exclusive) $9.99 – Price varies store to store

Walgreens Exclusive Deadpool the Duck Funko POP

Hitting the Walgreens online store sometime in September!


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Chases Abound with the Upcoming DC Bombshells Funko Dorbz!

Definitely an exciting one for me, as i’m a big fan! Look forward to the DC Bombshells Funko Dorbz!

Know more than me my wife loves this line, i’ve got the POPs, Comics and Cryptozoic figures for her. I mention Crypto sometimes as they’re my second favorite vinyl line, next to Funko of course. They do have some awesome figures so be sure to check them out! But onto the Dorbz, what’s that you say .. there are 4 Chases in this line? Woah, now that is definitely a next step in the Chase craziness. I mean at least they’re a 1 in 6 rarity instead of 1 in 36, but still! And not just that, two of the Chases are store exclusives. Black Canary, Catwoman, Supergirl, Poison Ivy and Mera are all exclusive to Hot Topic with Ivy and Mera both having Chase variants.

So what are your thoughts on this? I wonder, are you excited for possibly having 4 or more Chases per line. Every Dorbz that is exclusive to Hot Topic for a while now has been limited, so i hope that doesn’t happen with this. If they’re limited then it’s going to be .. a bit of a mess, the Bombshells line has been gaining quite a bit of popularity so there may be some unhappy people out there. But regardless, i’m looking forward to them. With 14 figures in total, is this the biggest Dorbz line that’s been released? I wonder. Glam shots and info coming up!

DC Bombshells – Harley Quinn #?

DC Bombshells Funko Dorbz

DC Bombshells – Noir Harley Quinn [Chase] #?

DC Bombshells – Wonder Woman #?

DC Bombshells – Sepia Wonder Woman [Chase] #?

DC Bombshells – Batwoman #?

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Star Wars Logo

Walgreens Exclusive Mace Windu Funko POP! In Stores Now!

I hope you’ve managed to pick up mr purple lightsaber himself, the Walgreens Exclusive Mace Windu Funko POP!

This was released very briefly on the Walgreens website which i missed while i was away sadly! But luckily i found him in stores. Is there anyone out there still looking for him? I wonder. I thought it would be a bit of a nightmare to get, but the few Walgreens i did go into had quite a lot of him. Seems to be the case with Walgreens mainly, the POPs just appear randomly out of nowhere. The different colored lightsaber does make him very unique, so i’m glad i can add him to my collection. You could say there isn’t much purple in the Star Wars world, bring on the rainbow colored saber? Or .. maybe not. Glam shot and info coming up!

Star Wars – Mace Windu #172 (Walgreens Exclusive) $9.99 – Varies from store to store

Walgreens Exclusive Mace Windu Funko POP


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Rick and Morty Funko Galactic Plushies! Out Now!

One for the many, many Rick & Morty fans! We have the Rick and Morty Funko Galactic Plushies!

Everytime i see more from this series release it makes me want to watch it, from the outset it doesn’t seem like my kind of show. But everytime something is released, people always go crazy for it! They mention what an amazing show it is, can it really be that good? I don’t know. When you have so many things to watch and so little time you have to pick and choose carefully, but i guess i can always watch at least one episode and see what all the fuss is about.

These plushies are going into Funko’s Galactic Plushies line, alongside Star Wars and so on. There doesn’t seem to be multiples in this line which is a departure from the normal, there’s usually only 4 variants out of the 9. But here we have 9 plushies who are all unique! If you’re desperate to grab all of them, you can do at Walmart here (Click me!) which works out around $8 each. Aside from that they’re usually $9.99 each from what i’ve seen. Glam shot and info coming up!

Funko Galactic Plushies – Rick & Morty

Rick and Morty Funko Galactic Plushies

  • Angry Rick
  • Mellow Rick
  • Happy Rick
  • Happy Mr. Meeseeks
  • Angry Mr. Meeseeks
  • Bemused Mr. Poopy Butthole
  • Mellow Morty
  • Happy Morty
  • Bemused Morty


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