Funko POP News Micro Update 123.0

Another week another pile of news to welcome, i hope you’ve recovered from the Summer POP craziness. Soon you’ll have to prepare your wallets for Autumn, NYCC will have even more exclusives than SDCC did so don’t think about having too long of a break. My most recent endeavors have involved receiving numerous SDCC figures crushed to pieces and trying to get one in good condition is fairly tricky, it’s taken a couple of returns and re-orders but almost there! No such luck for Hei Hei though, he came looking like a truck run over him as UPS have been particularly bad recently. Here’s some micro¬†Funko POP News for the day!

Upcoming Dorbz

There are a bunch of new items coming up in the Dorbz world and that includes rides, keep reading to find out more!

You’re in luck if you’re a Bombshells fan because they are morphing into Dorbz too, will there be Chases and Exclusives? Well no doubt there will.

DC Bombshells – Harley Quinn
DC Bombshells – Wonder Woman
DC Bombshells – Batgirl
DC Bombshells – Katana

Golden girls are quite a popular line for Funko, strangely so. I’ve not seen the show personally, but as long as they keep selling the more you will see!

Golden Girls – Sophia
Golden Girls – Rose
Golden Girls – Dorothy
Golden Girls – Blanche

Series 2 of the Stranger Things POPs haven’t hit the shelves yet, but they’ve already released details for series 3! I guess they’re lumping it in as S3 to coincide with the POPs? As they haven’t as yet been released as Dorbz.

ST S3 – Mike
ST S3 – Dustin
ST S3 – Demogorgon
ST S3 – Lucas
ST S3 – Will
ST S3 – Eleven

Not bombshells this time, but still in the realm of DC. This is Wave 2 of the DC Dorbz line!

DC W2 – Hawkman
DC W2 – Super Girl
DC W2 – Super Man
DC W2 – Aqua Man

And now for the others section, a few classics here for you. (P.S. GW means they will be glow in the dark.)

Tron – Classic Tron (GW)
Rocketeer – Rocketeer
Alien – Alien

Lastly there are three new upcoming Dorbz Ridez to tempt you.

Dr. Seuss – Grinch & Max
H & S Deputy Truck
H Van & Hazmat Suit

Upcoming POPs

Very exciting news about the upcoming Mortal Kombat POPs, well we’ve talked about these before but i’m mentioning them again as i’m very much looking forward to them!

POP Games: MK – Liu Kang
POP Games: MK – Kitana
POP Games: MK – Scorpion
POP Games: MK – Subzero
POP Games: MK – Raiden

Also on the list of exciting things, ones for the fans of a certain sailor group. Sailor Moon Wave 2 POPs!

POP Sailor Moon W2 SailorUranus
POP Sailor Moon W2 Chibi SM
POP Sailor Moon W2 SailorNeptune
POP Sailor Moon W2 SailorSaturn
POP Sailor Moon W2 SailorPluto

Should there be another film in this line? I wonder .. maybe there will be, it’s the awesome Hellboy!

POP Hellboy S1: Liz Sherman
POP Hellboy S1: Rasputin
POP Hellboy S1: Hellboy
POP Hellboy S1: Nimue
POP Hellboy S1: Abe Sapian
POP Hellboy S1: Lobster Johnson

Also coming to a store near you soon, a little something extra from Dr. Seuss and more!

POP Books: Santa Grinch
POP: Marvel Vs. Capcom 2PK 1-6 (One of the 6 is exclusive to GameStop)
POP Movies: Jumanji Dr. Smolder
POP Jumanji Professor Shelly

In Other News

Come back every day for the latest news! Also feel free to check our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest!

2 thoughts on “Funko POP News Micro Update 123.0

  1. Glad to hear about those Halo Pops. I started collecting about a year ago, missed the originals (which you can only get on EBay for hundreds of dollars).

    Did they mention any time frame?

  2. I used to watch Golden Girls when I was a kid. I liked the show well enough I guess, but I honestly don’t even remember much about it. I have no idea what’s behind the recent popularity of it, though. Maybe because people love everything Betty White?

    I’m definitely glad I’ll finally be able to get my Sailor Saturn POP soon. It’s the one I’ve been waiting for since they started doing Sailor Moon POPs.

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